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Re: Case Studies
« on: October 29, 2018, 08:53:29 pm »
Hello David,

Thank you for responding to my post.

You are probably correct concerning the lack of success stories. Once a thing is handled with TROM it is gone. There is no further interest and it is time to move on.

Nevertheless, it is probably a good idea to leave some evidence of passage through the levels in order to give encouragement and hope to those who follow. It lets them that TROM is doable and is being done.

It is very telling that you find TROM worth the while after having done Scientology all the way through level OT5. That supports my view that the upper levels of Scientology were greatly over-hyped by both LRH and the church. TROM delivers solid results without the hype.

Going around the track, 1A to 8B, on level5 has been full of surprises, cognitions and treasured experiences, each time around the circuit. The TROM processes are incredibly simple and productive.

I agree that there are many gains to be had from applying TROM theory to life. Currently I am rereading all the Peter McLaughlin books in order to increase my ability to look at the world from Dennis Stephens’ viewpoint.

Thank you for mentioning your experience with the Unstacking Procedure. I did see that in one of the books. I will go back and take another look at that.

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