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I got through levels 1 and 2 pretty quick, and was on 3 for what seemed like forever.  And in case anyone reading this is wondering, yes, I did go back to level 2 several times to see if I missed something, but there wasn't any charge there.

Now on level 4 and it seems to be running pretty smooth. 

One thing I recently handled was that despite all this processing, I still seemed to be talking to myself in my head obsessively and arguing with others in my mind.  I knew that the TROM was giving me all sorts of other wins, but I was failing to handle this one thing.

I actually just decided to start focusing on what's in my analytical mind more-- simple data.  Innocuous stuff like 2 + 2 = 4, grass is green, etc.  It pulled me right out of my case and into present time.

I was processing myself to a fanatical extreme, doing at least two hours per day and sometimes 4-6 on weekends.  I'd say that I was paying way too much attention to my case and not enough to my sanity.

Once this viewpoint shifted, I found myself in a state of rational awareness that I'd never found myself in before.  Not from therapy, not from Scn or anything else.

I am not sure exactly how many people do TROM.  My guess is not very many.  I think it is because the potential audience for it is very limited.  One reading the TROM books who has no experience with Scientology would find it overwhelming indeed.  Most Scientologists would not approach it because the Keeping Scientology Working policy puts the fear into so many of us of anyone who researches and goes beyond LRH.  Plus not all dissatisfied Scientologists would necessarily choose TROM over all the other alternatives.

I am happy to be such a rare individual that not only got enough training in Scientology so that TROM wasn't such a high gradient for me, but also to have been dissatisfied with the Church enough to go beyond LRH's works.

I want to be clear on one point.  I have no qualms with Scn tech at all.  It's the church that annoys me, but even then I don't consider the Church to be a bad group.  I think they are just stuck in a games condition, or as Dennis would put it, compulsive gamesplay.  Scientology has helped a lot of people, but unfortunately some of those people I know personally I cannot tell about TROM, as I would risk losing them as friends.