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Case Studies
« on: October 02, 2018, 01:27:43 pm »
This forum is far too quiet. Where are the conversations about TROM experiences, the testimonials about case gains with TROM?
To give the conversation a nudge, I will give my own experiences and testimonial.

Here is a bit of personal background. Between 1968 and 1978 I took Church of $ services in Seattle and Los Angeles. In Seattle I went through level 4 triple flows, and at ASHO in LA I received Power Processing. In Seattle I also trained as a Dianetic auditor.

In 1977 I was on lines at Celebrity Center and given a great deal of Dianetic auditing during which time I became a Dianetic Clear.

It became increasingly obvious that both the Church of $ and LRH were running off the rails. Consequently, I gave up my goal of doing the OT sections and moved on with my life.

Last year due to aging issues and the accumulated corundum of life, I felt in need of a tune-up, but subjecting myself to the tender mercies of the Church of $ was out of the question. Instead, I went online to see if I could find something that would allow me to do solo auditing.

The TROM Manual was very interesting. The theory was elegant, and the methodology appeared to be doable although level 5 appeared a bit intimidating. However, I was put off by the fact that there was so little online presence. Where were the hundreds of success stories praising the workability and efficaciousness of TROM? Where was the present time chatter about how it was changing lives? What I did find was negative comments about how TROM really could not successfully be done solo.

At this point I might have moved on to something else, but fortunately I found the Pete McLaughlin books on Amazon and bought them all. After reading the books and listening to some of the material on the TROM Help website, I felt more confident about at least giving it a try.

Additionally there was no solicitation of funds or services for sale on the TROM Help website. No Auditor was necessary and not even an E-meter was necessary. These things taken together informed my decision to proceed with TROM.

On November 15th, 2017, I did the first session on level 2, being careful to follow instructions exactly.

Level 2 took a total session time of 27 session hours with an average session length of 53 minutes.

Level 3 was completed in 29 session hours with an average session of 51 minutes.

Level 4 took 27 hours with a session length of 43 minutes.

Currently I am 100 session hours into level 5 with an average session length of just under 38 minutes. The To Know goals package is still running well and lots of charge is gotten off in each session.

All this has been accomplished in just under 12 months of consistent application.

I have not had a single problem running the processes and what processes they are. Repair of Importance by itself would be of great benefit. Together with the other processes it is dynamite. These processes are very aggressive and consequently very beneficial.

In doing levels 2 and 3 I encountered some highly charged pictures that had been encountered earlier when doing Dianetics. These were probably groupers that had become restimulated. TROM resolved these quite easily. Also handled was a major problem area that Scientology auditing never touched.

When first reviewing the TROM materials, the upper levels appeared to be complex and a bit confusing. I made the decision to take it one level at a time in the hope that all would become clear as I advanced up the levels, It was the correct decision, and I recommend not reading or thinking too much about the levels above the one currently being worked on. It really does become much clearer as one moves up the levels.

Doing levels 2 and 3 I noticed that my ability to create and manipulate mental images was much improved by doing the RI exercises. One of Dennis Stephens’ goals with RI was to rehabilitate the ability to be at creative cause. After all, we created our way into the present situation. With the ability to create rehabilitated, perhaps we can create our way back out.

At least half of the gains that I have experienced thus far have come from doing RI. About a third of each session is devoted to doing RI and I cannot stress enough how important it is to do sufficient RI. It is what enables the other processes to work.

Now that I am 100 session hours into level 5, doing a couple of minutes RI at the start of session will cause me to exteriorize from my bank so that the sessions are run while exteriorized. This started towards the end of level 4 and has become much more pronounced the further I go on level 5.

Also, the longer I work with level 5, the more I start to comprehend the ramifications and importance of the material. Denis Stephens' accomplishments are awesome.

In closing I will add one last thing. Do not be afraid to do TROM. It is very gentle. In the last year I have proven that with TROM even a 76-year-old dog can learn a new trick.

I am truly grateful to Denis Stephens for having developed TROM, but I am also very grateful to Pete McLaughlin for having made it more accessible. Without the TROM books I would never have experienced TROM or been able to fulfill my earlier dream of doing the OT sections.

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