Author Topic: Life Changing Session with Robert DuCharme  (Read 23 times)


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Life Changing Session with Robert DuCharme
« on: June 14, 2020, 07:08:36 pm »
The background story is a near death childhood trauma(s) restimulated incident of resisting interiorization into this universe and some very non-life nasty postulates I made against what I perceived to be the creator of this universe, and at first from a known polarity of separation and oneness - both being the creator and being separate from the creator - and mightily struggling against what seemed to be inevitable separation.  I also perceived this wall of postulates between us and, from my studies of Trom I reckoned it was the whole set of "To Know" postulates that i could not then successfully deal with.

I previously had - with the help of another auditor - been chipping away at this barrier and looking at all the struggles and the hateful revenge postulates I made and seeing how that caused a lot of degradation for myself and my "others" down the track to present time. Nevertheless still not resolved to my satisfaction due to its complexity.

I contacted an auditor I had worked with previously, Robert DuCharme, and we got to work.  The end of the session I was in an exterior viewpoint looking from a distance at what I perceived to be the creator and its universe that it seemed to be so enamored with.  After that I felt much calmer to this day and moved uptone into strong interest regarding this creator.  Ran repair of importances before and at end of session.

In my prior auditing with Robert he helped me move from a sub-human condition into enjoying being a more simple human. and he showed me the power of using the six-directions - moving a scene around in six directions to get more clarification.