Author Topic: Removing a nasty mental phenomenon using IP tech and Problems of Comparable Magnitude  (Read 53 times)


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If you are not familiar with the data in Insanity Point by Dennis Stephens or the Scientology process "Problems of Comparable Magnitude" you should probably study such before reading this post (the data on Problems of Comparable Magnitude can be found in Scientology Fundamentals of Thought).

This is personal and kind of complex, so pardon my rambling...

I know this woman who in the past has been very flirty with me.  "Acccidental" nipple slips where I can clearly see them.  Touching me when she talks to me, subtle things that communicate sexual interest or the need of sexual interest from me, but still not overt enough that if I "called her on it" she could still have an "out" of saying I just took things the wrong way.  But I could still feel the intent.  A hot and cold alternating flow.

I never returned the flow.  I did not flirt back.  I am married and she is married and I am just not a cheater.  And even if I were, I feared that if I did return the flow she would just reject me and expose me to everyone.

So for the longest time I would have fantasies about her.  Sometimes some pretty vivid dreams at night.  In the daydreams, sometimes I would reject her advances and berate her for sexually teasing me.

I tried handling this in TROM therapy by timebreaking the incidents of sexual teasing, running the "to sex" goals package at level 5b, etc.  I did get some relief, but not a full resolution of the problem that I kept having these fantasies and they would not stop.

I decided to try and run problems of comparable magnitude to having sexual fantasies that I could not stop thinking about.  But just before running that process, I realized that running it with that wording would be a big mistake.

Because the sexual fantasies weren't the actual problem.

The sexual fantasies were actually the SOLUTION to the real problem.  So I ran problems of comparable magnitude to "I want to have sex with this person but I can't".

So I ran that and got some relief.  But what then shows up?  Another problem-- "This person is seducing me but I don't want her".  So I ran problems of comparable magnitude to that.

I then ran plenty of RI, then also did the first three levels of Ken Ogger's self-clearing to get myself into present time.

The mental phenomenon is GONE.

My analysis of this, and this is my theory, not standard TROM or standard Scientology, but my own "tech" so to speak, is this:

I had an IP of must sex/must not sex and she has a corresponding IP of "must be sexed/must not be sexed".

Because I had two postulates of equal strength, I actually had two problems, not just one---- Wanting her but not being able to have her, and being able to have her but not wanting her.  Both at the same time.  If that's not insanity, I don't know what is.

Once again, the fantasies weren't the problem.  They were a solution--- daydreaming about something you can't have. But it got out of hand.

Once the problem was handled in therapy, the compulsive daydreams went away too.

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