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Resolving level three
« on: July 24, 2019, 12:10:52 pm »
Level three took nearly forever for me.  But finally one day everything I brought up from the past just vanished right back into the past as soon as it showed itself, and I called it a done, but only based on the fact that it was impossible for me to continue.

I felt good, but I didn't think I got that state of mind that I was supposed to get from finishing the level.  But what was I going to do?  Just stop?

So I went through level four, which ran pretty well, then I got to level five, nulled "to know" after three runs through and nulled "to sex" after two or three runs.

When I came to re-null "to know" I had a rough time of it.  I did more than one repair.  At session's end I would normally feel fine, but in my "real life" my case was on me a lot.

So I stopped trying to repair and went all the way back to level two for a few sessions, focusing on charge on people that I may have missed.  It was a minor affair.

I got back to level three, and decided to make a more organized go of it this time.  Instead of just "selecting incidents" I made lists of people, organizations, things, etc that were significant in my life.  Then I decided to timebreak in the following manner:

Level Three Timebreaking

a)   Select a past scene. Become simultaneously aware of the scene and PT around you.

Don’t try and Timebreak the entire scene at once. Take it a bit at a time. Continue to do this until the past scene ‘fades’ - i.e. begins to ‘fall away’ in intensity compared to present time.

b) Select a new past scene, and repeat a).

Continue until you are willing and able to Timebreak all your known past.
This exercise will take many hours, joyful hours, and you are gaining all the way.
(That's what's in the original writeup)

You should get in there; get some of the emotions in them and timebreak the emotions out. Get some of the sensations in those incidents and timebreak the sensations. Timebreak the postulates. Get in there, get everything in that incident, you know, get the lot.
Remember I said in the write up, do it on a gradient scale, take it a bit at a time. Get the important bits out then get the rest of it out.
(This last part is copied and pasted from TROM Therapy Manual)
Expanded commands:
a)   Select a past scene. Become simultaneously aware of the scene and PT around you.
1)   Your emotion
2)   Other’s emotion
3)   Physical Sensations
4)   Your postulates
5)   Other’s postulates
6)   If the scene has not faded yet, run level two differences and similarities on it until it does, then immediately afterwards run RI.
b) Select a new past scene, and repeat a).
(these 'expanded commands are of my authorship, and an extrapolation from what Dennis wrote)

In the original TROM writeup, when Dennis says "bits at a time" he does not expand on what he means.  However, in the TROM therapy manual, he specifically says what "bits at a time" means.  When I first read it, I thought that meant take it slow, one bit at a time, but with the clarified meaning, I am running a much better level three than I did before.

That bit of data makes all the world of difference.

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Re: Resolving level three
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2021, 11:23:28 pm »
The last hanging bit in all of my initial sessions was some aesthetic. For example, a scene would not vanish because of a rose colored glass lamp shade - honestly!!  Fortunately ethics is the next scale up from aesthetics, and it is a much nicer place of importances.