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Game Strategy of the Church of Scientology
« on: October 13, 2019, 05:13:34 pm »
It can be hard to reconcile inside one's own mind the conflicting postulates one has over COS.  On one hand there are people who have genuinely been helped.  On the other, there are people whose lives have been ruined (or at least their finances have).

The apparency at first is either "greedy cult" or "organization trying to help".  Which one are they?  Are they trying to help, just being greedy, none or both?

Is this the road to freedom?
Does the technology actually work?

One thing for sure is that whatever the Church is trying to do, they are in compulsive games play.  "This is a deadly serious activity", "Win or die in the attempt" and on and on throughout Hubbard's works.

So that gives us a clue as to evaluating them.

So, from a help standpoint, someone in a compulsive condition regarding helping would similarly refuse help (refer to Dennis' lecture "the exclusion postulate" which I quoted in my other post regarding seduction).

Well that's out, because the church is continually asking for help.  "Asking" is actually a polite word for it.

So let's try changing the postulate to "must control".  Now that fits.  The Sea Org was created "to put ethics in on this planet".  That's a form of control.

Also, when you think about how if they have the monopoly on spiritual technology, which they claim they do--  that means they determine who goes free and who doesn't.  Those who can't go free include people who work for the government like IRS and FBI, people who have had psych treatment, and those who are terminally ill.  Anyone who may pose a threat to them or make them look like their tech does not work.

They try to shut down independent, "squirrel" and splinter groups, EVEN IF THEY ARE PRACTICING STANDARD SCIENTOLOGY.  So it's not even about keeping people out of the way of "improper tech".

I think if some other group demonstrated that they could do what the Church itself claims that the Church can do, it would all collapse for them.

But if they really wanted mankind to be free, why should they care HOW mankind goes free?

Because it's not really freedom that's going on here.  It's POWER.  Scientology EMPOWERS you.  And empowering the parishioners makes the organization more powerful.  More support.  More money. More influence on the society.  And the Church controls all those people. 

The reductio ad absurdum of their stated intentions is "no one goes free without our blessing".

Of course, that's not really freedom now is it?

So, getting back to the postulates involved.  The postulate is "Must control".  And that is bound to "must not be controlled". 

That fits.  They resist being controlled with a vengeance.  If anyone actually could control them, I think they would all have a fit!

That resolves everything.  The empowerment one gets from Scientology makes one feel like they are going free.  And, a great way to empower one's own organization is to make powerful members that you absolutely control.
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