Author Topic: Violence generate by Game Strategy or Inequality  (Read 80 times)

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Violence generate by Game Strategy or Inequality
« on: March 18, 2018, 05:37:56 pm »
Dennis warns that it is very dangerous to disclose the game strategy of another.

When another game player is using a strategy to win the game and you come along and find out what it is or investigate what he is doing, or appear to be discovering what he is doing to win or disclose or be about to disclose what he is doing to win, that player will get violent and deal with you by some destructive method.
Hubbard called this the missed-missed-withhold.

If the player is down to his last game and losing will lose all his property or sanity or life his violence will be most deadly


It turns out that there is another cause for violence in mostly the males of a culture.  When you threaten the social status of another player and knock him down the scale of social status, the pecking order, he will respond violently. 

The greater the inequality between this player and other players or to state it another way if the player has already lost other games like having social status through a good job, or having a pretty wife, or a home. If he is down on his luck relative to the rest of the population and you threaten his remaining sense of self worth by making a disparaging remark, or taking away his girlfriend, or damaging his car he will respond violently as well. The closer he is to being on his last game where in losing he loses sanity or life the more violently he will respond.

The more someone is pushed to the brink the more violently they will respond to any attack.

Sun Tzu points this out in the Art Of War by calling this being on “Desperate Ground.”  When an army is surrounded and there is no escape and the enemy will not accept surrender the only alternative is to fight to the death. The good commander will tell his men they must fight or they will be killed by the enemy and the men will respond with their most heroic effort.

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