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Before Doing Trom
« on: April 12, 2018, 11:03:31 am »

Sometimes a person needs a therapeutic address to some traumatic scene that is hugely important for them to address first before they can start on the TROM path as a routine, gradient approach, having fun with it, getting "chummy" with the mind.

For example, I had to do aggressive medical dryfasting to resolve a serious medical condition before I could settle down to a more balanced eating and not-eating routine, more gradiently de-toxing and healing the body, and have more fun doing it.

I saw my Trom twin first needing to address something very serious in his mind.  After a few therapy sessions he now is having fun bringing up scenes of his childhood homes, his schools, etcetera, and he is not yet up to timebreaking human interactions - just things only.   But he shows up everyday and he really enjoys his timebreaking and he is getting some "charge-off", or as Dennis would say, "change is occurring".  Nothing gut-wrenching, but Dennis advises not to be a martyr - not to force change.

I've also had enough therapy sessions to cool my jets enough that I can follow suite - timebreaking childhood homes, what I had for dinner yesterday, etcetera.  It's okay to timebreak more nostalgic scenes in the beginning. The road to "nirvana" does not have to be a rocky road.

Neither one of us has fully resolved our childhood traumas - just enough to be able to hobble along in life and do RI and Timebreaking as Dennis instructed, and on a more enjoyable gradient.  My twin is a must-know and I exhibit must-be-known, and I don't know the thoughts of a must-not-know or a must-not-be-known case compared with our thoughts and approach to TROM.