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Mental Machines
« on: April 16, 2018, 04:42:06 pm »
Dennis talks about building mental machines to do things. A child will make an invisible friend to play with when he has a shortage of friends. Or he may imagine that his teddy bear talks with him.
Here is a YouTube video where Psychologist Jordan Peterson talks about how mental machines work and that when the are successful they generate a shot of dopamine which acts like a hit of **** to give you pleasure and that this reinforces the power of the mental machine over you. 
He incorrectly believes that mental machines can be opposed by new machines but not disassembled.  Dennis gives the method of disassembling mental machines by making many copies of the original machine.

Dr. Peterson talks about the mental machine starting at the 8 minute mark on this video.

Pete McLaughlin

Dennis introduces the teddy bear in 03 Expanding on Level 5 in the section The Playmate

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