Author Topic: Noticing No More Change and Balancing the process  (Read 55 times)


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Noticing No More Change and Balancing the process
« on: December 27, 2017, 08:15:34 am »
I am new here! So 'Hi' to everyone - I trust that all are well and expanding...

1 - I have a query about running these processes - it appears that one runs a process on one side, say Level 2 Differences until there is no more change, then you stop and run Similarities until no more change - do this repeatedly until... no more change.

How does one categorise or recognise when there is 'no more change'?  In my space, this could be infinite - thus it would become overrun. If I did it till I became bored, then I would see bored as change and have to work through that, ad infinitum.

This got me thinking, is it the increase of personal awareness to gain the skill in recognising 'no more change' that is been worked on here, or is that simply an effect of the process doing its work?

2 - I am an engineer with a scientific slant, and I see the fixation on one side (difference) then the other (similarity) as unbalanced, so [and I know this is changing the process, so please let me know if this is considered a 'no-no' scenario as the technology behind the process means this cannot work or some such info] , if the TROMer were to pick an object from the past then find one in PT, recognise a difference, then recognise a similarity, and repeat - then choose another object and repeat - will that have the same/different result?

It just seems that when running Level 2 - I cannot help but do this unconsciously and it feels 'right', I know both on viewing the PT object.

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Peter McLaughlin

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Re: Noticing No More Change and Balancing the process
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2017, 04:42:04 pm »
Have you ever watched a movie that really upset you?  That was a change.
Letís say it was Godzilla and you find every time you think about Godzilla you feel upset, fearful, nauseated etc.

That is the change referred to.

Now if you deliberately run a process of thinking about Godzilla while keeping your attention on the room around you the upset will turn on. You think about Godzilla again and the upset gets less. You think about Godzilla many times and gradually you become blasť about Godzilla.  Eventually you can create Godzillas by the dozen and do this happily all day long.  That is no change.

On question 2.  Part of what you are doing in TROM is learning to focus you attention on specific things. You focus on the past item then focus on the present time item etc.

Keeping the process simple in my experience works best. A two step process works better than a three step process. 
One of the good things about TROM is that you can experiment with how you apply it to your case at will.  If you really screw up and tie yourself in mental knots you can run RI and get yourself back on an even keel.

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