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Re: Postulate Failure Chart
« on: December 30, 2017, 09:42:43 am »
Hi David - much appreciating your response, it has helped out a great deal! - This new knowledge however, has raised another level of problem!

I can now see that each of the even-numbered lines are all where Self is in a causative position and commits an overt per their current 'Leg'.

In part B of all of the odd-numbered lines is where Self is now at the effect of the overwhelm and will become overwhelmed, thus moving into the next 'Leg'.

All of this makes sense and if I remove the odd-numbered lines with A from the chart, all is good in my thinking!

So, there is still something missing that I am not fully comprehending. If this chart is a progression through the legs, then the A sections will be alternative ways of moving to the next leg when at effect of an overwhelm. It is plain for me to see that these are all of the nature: 'enforced complementaries' as you described them.

Here is a quick diagram so far of what I am understanding (the S / O represents Self / Other):
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Attempting to understand the 4 'mystery' states my issues are:
They appear to be in the wrong legs:-
    3A is Must Not Know which is Leg 4,
    1A is Must Know which is Leg 3,
    7A is Must Not Be Known which is Leg 2 and
    5A is Must Be Known which is Leg 1.

The resulting Leg in which Self moves to per the information I have, is shown on the image - 1A and 3A move to Must Be Known, 5A and 7A move to Must Know.

On the basis that there could be alternative ways of getting to the next leg, I am able to allocate 3A alongside with 1B and 7A alongside 5B - these then are two methods of moving from MNBK to MK and from MNK to MBK.
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1A and 5A could be allocated alongside 3B and 7B respectively, this does however mess up the flow to the next Leg as these complementaries do not fit the Leg pattern, they force a valence shift missing out a leg. Or does 1A when MBK overwhelms MK, cause MK to become MNK? and in 5A when MK overwhelms MBK, cause MBK to become MNBK? I know Dennis states in his descriptions that MBK and MK both cause a valence shift, is this only when the prior leg which fits their PD has failed and thus the being has to become the valence. In this position then I can see them fitting in - however I am stuck with them in different spaces to the original chart - 1A and 3A are switched as is 5A and 7A
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I am sure there is something key which I am missing - hopefully, my description above offers some detail to helping me locate it!

Thank you.
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