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Re: Postulate Failure Chart
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:59:24 pm »
Wow, this is subtle. A bit too subtle for me!

Yes, self is at cause (origin) in levels 2A, 2B, 4A, 4B etc.  On the time track, a person starts out at cause in each leg in turn, and ends up at effect.
1A (the bottom of leg 4) looks superficially like 4B (the top of leg 3) because they're both MK facing a MBK. The difference is that at 4B Self is winning, getting the knowledge they want, but by the time they've got down to 1A they're unwillingly knowing something they don't want.

To quote: "We now need to take up the sense, or meaning, of the word ‘must’ on the chart. With one exception the meaning is ‘got to’; it's a striving to make the postulate effective. The only exception is at the overwhelm levels. At the point of overwhelm ‘must’ means to the being overwhelmed ‘cannot help but’; it echoes the failure of his postulate in the game."

But it's not much use trying to figure all this out if you're not yet running on Level Five of TROM.  (A bit like wanting to know what cognitions you'll get on a process before staring to run it.) Please get each of the preceding Levels flattened, in sequence, before worrying about the details of Level Five.