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level 5 is the universe acting on self . Its a sequence that we are at the effect of . Its a sequence that  and we experience is ways that go undetected .

Forcing to be known can be as simple as farting in an elevator
Preventing can be as simple as pressing the close door button as someone gets closer to boarding the elevator . Then pretending like you are pressing the button frantically trying to keep the door open and thinking come on door close close close before he gets to it .

And you love the way it feels too. Ah hahahahah

we are constantly going round and round the PFFC in real life in real time .

We are doing L5 , or at least I am , as a single spiritual being . NOT a seperated soul or spirit.

When I do l5 Im both at the origin and receipt

Its just a matter of changing our POV from self to others or both self and others and self AS others

I never see what im time breaking either , other than solid mental mass that is very tangible

It makes my head shake left right a few times depending on how many sequences im vanishing on L5

Its good stuff > most of the time , in day to day life Im time breaking as a normal daily function . Eating sleeping or using the bathroom 

Found a real juicy set a few weeks ago . Put a big smile on my face becasue I instantly knew I was about to start raiating energy out from my body 360 degrees spherical
OH what a feeling  !!!!!! eh  ?
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