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Re: Postulate Failure Chart
« on: June 13, 2019, 07:05:28 pm »
TromFan, please see attached as discussed - this brings each level into alignment with the 1-2-3-4 leg shift. the original chart does not...
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This also fits with DHS statement:

The SD postulate of the vanquished has now gone off the board; with it, of course, goes the PD postulate of the vanquished. Both the SD and PD postulates of the vanquished
are thus off the board (out of play) at the point of overwhelm.
Where have they gone to? They are in failure: they are no longer considered tenable in that game.
[The vanquished may resurge and play another game of this type later in time, but the current game with that particular effect is lost in the opinion of the vanquished.-DHS]

As after each stage that the self is vanquished they come back again as Origin of Effect.

For myself, from my understanding of how one shifts through these four 'states' -

5B (MNBK) has a valance shift and becomes MK
5B (leg 2) -> 1A (leg 3) -> 4B (leg 3)

1B (MNK) has a valance shift and becomes MBK
1B (leg 4) -> 5A (leg 1) -> 8B (leg 1)

This is not how it works on the original chart. The Original Chart is here - note the leg shifts:

5B (leg 2) -> 5A (leg 1) -> 4B (leg 3)
1B (leg 4) -> 1A (leg 3) -> 8B (leg 1)

These do not align with the original patterning - someone please explain how this is so. Also, DHS states at the beginning of the book that a being can not go from MNBK to MBK, this is the reason why there is a valence shift. And, they can not go from MNK to MK, hence the second valence shift - why then does the chart show this???

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