Author Topic: kicking planets out of orbit THE GAMES MANUAL by DHS  (Read 21 times)


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kicking planets out of orbit THE GAMES MANUAL by DHS
« on: October 04, 2019, 07:53:11 pm »
I recently had a private conversation with a fellow trommer about ability . I was
quickly reprimanded for being , for lack of a better word , " over the top "  to put it nicely.

What's real for some people is complete lunacy for others.

Can we kick planets around like billiard balls. ?

ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, YES . and much more. !!!

But you'll need to be well into L5 first , and whatever you do when you get  " there " don't forget about others who have enough mental mass, weight, and caseload to sink an aircraft carrier by the look on their face alone.

WE ARE LIFE , WE ARE THE CREATOR . WE CAN DO ANYTHING ANYTIME and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. DO not compromise your own reality . EVER. There a reason why we don't do anything we want anytime too . That's what trom is all about . Not just vanishing mental mass or knocking planets out of orbit. Its as easy to do as it is to image yourself doing it , once you get "there"

If you're not willing and able to hold trom and the abilities promised in the games manual as a possibility , then trom is not going to work for you . Good luck finding greener pastures elsewhere.

Keep an open mind . Dennis put that in the games manual for a very specific purpose. Don't discount it no matter what anyone or how anyone tries to convince you otherwise.

Conviction is the bases for all games . I wouldn't be mentioning this if I didn't have the ability myself.
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