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Jonah Seymour

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Proof of Trom
« on: March 09, 2014, 11:51:56 pm »
Hello All,

I'm curious as to whether anyone can attest to witnessing or allow me to witness proof of TROM's described abilities.

Has anyone seen person know something there would be no "normal" means of knowing?

Anyone want to demonstrate it to me? I can give you my adrdess and you remote view what colour of shirt I'm wearing.

I promise you won't turn into my trick monkey. Someone attesting to the workability of TROM once is all we need.

Another question is why hasn't anyone/why aren't we demonstrating psionic abilities to promote TROM. I understand the mainstream media would act as if it doesn't exsist, but with social networking today, we could still reach alot of people with a quite tangible motivation to clear themselves. It could be a catalyst for clearing the planet.

I hope I don't sound like a skeptical Scrooge... The fact that TROM is claiming such spectacular benefits at no charge leads me to suspect that it does in fact work.

The datum that TROM is based on Boolean logic is also quite impressive... Could someone help me or direct me to a place where I can learn to fully understand the logic and algebra behind Dennis's tech. And understand how he made each step and conclusion in the creation of TROM?



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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2014, 02:40:28 am »
Hi Jonah, I have many abilities that are considered paranormal. These were not wished for by me they sort of appeared after many years of learning many things. I once described a picture at my wife's house long ago nearly exactly as it was. She thought I was spying on her through her room, meanwhile I lived 3000 miles away from her and never saw her room yet! Remote viewing I guess. But this ability I believe was developed because of the immense love we have for each other. I can also predict the future, but I'm not sure if I predict the future or make it happen by postulate. Being exterior from my body was not accomplished with trom, but trom definitely can help you feel better physically. If I could guess you were wearing a purple shirt the day you posted this? Haha why not try.
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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2019, 10:12:21 pm »
 Hello, Jonah,

Currently,the most powerful thing I could do for "others" is to resolve all my non-life goals I made upon entry into this universe, and see how they contributed to degradation in this universe.  So, sometimes when I am struck by some degradation I ask myself, "What is my cause here?"  The power to see and then let go of some old non-life postulate against "others".

Another power move would be to assume the viewpoint of the creator of this universe.


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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2019, 08:18:59 pm »
if I show you how the tone scale and level 5 are synonymous using the white to black color spectrum of Knowing to Not knowing uising only colors   ? would that be proof ?

How is self and others or knowing and not knowing synonmous . ALL synonmouse ALL 4 all come from the same place as KNOWING . You cant know more than there is to know . Its an ABSOLUTE  . White is an absolute and so is black so is origin and receipt. . total freedom of choice is as free as free gets and its synonmouse with  " know " no need for the  " to " verb You can just know

im only on level 1 . I have major MU's , my overall ethics need a tune up and im an SP. ( former staff didnt route off corectly after paying $850 to take a hike outside the ORG and find something bright and shinny . I mean seriously  ?   8 fiddy ? geez  .....makes me sneeze. )

anyone on level 1 who can describe how the PFCC works frontwords and backwords side ways from the outside in and out again certainly must have had some benefit eh  ?

would it  ?.

Level 1 is amazing folks . Its the best level as far as im concerned . Why  ?  because its the start of something good .  Like the color white or the ability to know and have total freedom of choice and 1ness with all life. all the time .



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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2019, 09:26:42 pm »
 A great way to flip it over is to make a group of items in the image to flip.

self / others
above / below
spirit / humans
know / not know
one / many
truth / illusions
top / bottem
MALE / female ( sorry ladies ) hehe im on the road to ShamBhala. ya ya ya ya ya
out / in
white / black

only level 1 so far and for me ? im good .

the 8 levels of level 5 are to know at white and not know at black


blue yellow
green magenta
red cyan


all the colors come from white and goto black

it looks like this from another POV

white know
black not know

it flips in the center and you can use these to flip yourself right side up as a single spiritual being looking down on your creation and life forms from the POV as Self above

or be humanity , lifes creation on the ground looking up from an OTHERS pov   below

self is know /white
others is not know /black

streamlined way out from others to self and self to others and back to self where youll stay  at white .


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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #5 on: March 03, 2019, 07:59:06 am »
 live a great life and have as much fun as you possible can every day . be free , be helpful and laugh your life away . Only you can prove the effectiveness of TROM. Wjem you flip over , you use level 1 againg and on up to 5 .

Flipping over right side up with you looking down at your body as self towards others . The same way white goes to black from the top down . Your higher self is at white and has no density while your dense lower human body is below looking up . use that set . The body and our bones are the solid core of our minds.  If you dont find a way to use RI on L5 , RI will find you and have its way on its terms.  haha so find an effective way to stay grounded . Hence why im still on level 1.

L5 will run on its own once you get on it , everything unfolds into a single item for everything and everyone. like he points out  using algebra x times y , x y minus x and some commas haha,  as he says once you get on it you cant get off . Probably wont want to even if you could , either.

It all starts at 1 and folds into colors at right angles . You can be inside the right angles looking up or outside looking down into the right angles of colors.

we can see the colors but we cant feel them with our hands and we can feel the solidity with our hands but not the colors we see. They are two items of the same thing at the same time in space that both conflict and complete one another .

Like the white to black spectrum . You cant get to black until you start at white FIRST . Its the number 1 of all colors like the number 1 is to all numbers and creation energy is mass. You create your way out and it will vanish the mass that way .

Your work will go from being focused on your  " case " at first and then be focused on the realm itself. You are just as much everything around you 360 degrees as you are your body and everyone elses body .

Its you first  at white and at 1 at self at the start of everything and you work from  "  there  " outwords towards absorbers .

Life is like grabbing two hands full of colorful confetti and throwing it up in the air while looking up and then watching it all float down in entropy onto the floor . Then you get another couple hands full , look up and do it again . It looks like a flower thats blooming .. Its a series of white to colors to black  then white colrs black start change stop .

Our bodies are fashioned AFTER the universe. The 5 fingers and two arms at 12 digits of day and our two legs 10 fingers are the 12 hours of night .

The 5 fingers and our 5 scences are the 5 spacial/ locational dimensions height width depth out and in .

we are either in it or out of it ( 3 spacial dimensions of the realm. )

We cant see our higher self from down here but our higher self can see our lower self  ( and others ) from up there perfectly .

Separation of a spiritual being is an illusion generated by creator  as a whole . Its a consideration by life that there are  " others " but like the shade of black , others comes from one place . Self, just like black comes from white. and all numbers from the number 1 . then MULtiply out from there  and begine to DIVIDE and SEPARATE as it goes towards black  entropy.

There are absolutes all over the place what was LRH thinking  ?

white black, flat globe,  all 4 absolutes and there are many more in other forms. infinite finite are also absolutes.

use the white to black spectrum scale . Its the same as the tone scale and it can be used on level 5 too . L5 is life at , 1 , know aka white . As soon as you change to status in any way , you descend downwards towards colrs and density and darkness , like birth is to death . "LIFE" is outside the box, in the outer space DIMENSION  looking DOWN from the blue sky POV at green fields and RED lava. Below. We in human form are his children of colors solidity and mass  below while your higher self is at white and blue looking down from above. But like white is to black self and others are just two ends of the same thing that complement and oppose  from origin to receipt . So that makes everything and everyone ipso facto from the same spiritual source , Life.

I realized doing L1 that we all end up AS 1 when we drop our bodies we simply return to 1with all life again . life doesn't retain a memory when it drops the body , the body takes the memories with it . Its goes from BIO towards GEO like white to black . hahaha life cant be degraded. Only the life forms DOWN HERE. The realm is made in a way to not be an ULTIMATE trap . Only a temporary one that we always become free of when we die. That can take a long time or short time. Its always the creators call . Life as a singular being is all there is,  pushing start buttons and experiencing the entropy that follows  . hahahaha 


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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #6 on: March 03, 2019, 08:34:56 am »

WE see the color density from the top down . If you look from outside in its white clouds blue sky green fields and red lava . The 3 primary colors that make white.

You want to OWN both points of view . Your higher self at white and your lower human "other" at black . How can you be your lower human body when you are above it looking down on it . ?  You can separate from it and connect with it . Its the same difference a similar difference as Dennis says . Black is the different to its similar white. They are similar because you cant have one with out the other and they are different because you can have one without the other . You can also ground yourself using huge amounts of present time improtance.  Once its done , you can just direct your attention to it and itll bring you right back into the human lower self . Does it hurt ?  very much but its a means to and end . I just hope no one else sufferes from it . . If anyone does , they can always use it for their own RI . Thats the best I can offer.


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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #7 on: March 03, 2019, 09:45:11 am »
games are made to have fun so play as much as you want and have as much fun as you can . There is nothing more to life than that .

Shambhala is at white . Its bright and shinny and its free of charge . It never runs out and its everywhere there is space to play .

Its why life created the world . SHAMBHALA , define it , look it up . Its as real as real gets and thats as white gets too . You cant get any higher or whiter than Shambhala .

Everyone in this video arms raised or not , IS YOU . YOUR lower others . Plural . Your HIGHER singular ,  self is above. at white and no density .

Trom is Dennis's raod to Shambhala , Nirvana and 1ness  with all life AS the creator of all life. But he doesnt mention that detail . ah haha haha haha ah ahahahaha Im on my own road now and it feels great !!


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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #8 on: March 03, 2019, 10:04:24 am »
Id like to think it was the use of trom that got me where I am today but I cant say for sure. Its definatly beneficial inmany ways  and if it did get me here , then its beyond any kind of value anyone could ever dream of . Thats how far Ive come. Far far far beyond my expectations.

One more detail .

You use the white to black spectrum to take things out of exsistence too . Puting things into existence is a white to black move and taking things out of existence is a black towards white move. Its an unnatural move and a natural move both at the same time like differences are to similarities you find they are two items or the same difference. Everythings different AND similar and this applys to everything in the realm . You bring things in at brith and you take them out at death . Its BIO towards GEO.   WHITE towards Black


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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #9 on: March 03, 2019, 11:11:17 am »
 Awesome, Joey, just awesome  :)

Dennis made one mention of "ionizing white" vs "ionizing black".

I'm saving your posts for when my brain comes back online   :)


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Re: Proof of Trom
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2019, 05:35:15 pm »
the guy in this video uses via's like Paladians and Gamma wave what not, but if you compare his awareness level , hes at blue just below white. He uses Hertz and frequency of wave lengths but they are all just a means to describe the world and realm . Dennis uses trom . I use colors and numbers , density dimensions , directions and locations. I use trom too.

Blue is the 5th dimension and IT can be a place as well as an awareness level . The 5th is awareness of self as both self and others or both white and black all in one .

Im not a Paladian . Im just a lower life form, human beer belly loser looking up for answers in life. Level 1 hahahaha .

Going from white to black and back to white and then black is what lifes all about . Its a buffet of everything and everyone .

I like the end of this video . Hope you do too. Its made by you and all you need to do is KNOW IT .

The upper vortex of earth realm is the 5th dimension location . Its under the pole star . Known as Shambhala . The whole place is a hollowGRAM of illusionary particles of colors and solidity . In order to have an outer earth there must be an inner . The upper inner earth is the location of the 5th dimension . Its a real place ON EARTH . We can get there from here . Its white and all white is common with all other white. White is truth . When you connect with white you can know the truth of all white.

Youd think going down into the earth is a big no no and I agree. The inner earth has two parts . An upper and lower just like the white to black spectrum . Its the lower half thats a no no . The upper half is the white blue green red half.