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The human ape thing
« on: March 28, 2016, 06:55:37 am »
In spiritual studies the human ape is a very lonely guy. So called "spiritual people" kind of drop this subject faster than a hot potato. And speaking about potatoes, I recall from the Philadelphia lectures that the great hubbard guy had an introduction that was too funny. He said something like this:
"This lecture will be about operating thetan. But the fact is there aren't any operating thetans around any more. I can only see operating GEs". (laughter in the audience)
And then the guy went on to lecture them about the troubles of spirits (thetans), ignoring the fact that his audience were apes.

GE = genetic entity, the being that runs the body, not the spirit.
operating thetan = a very theoretical state, a sort of perfect spirit.
human ape = GE + physical body

Dennis Stephens knew about the church's ignorance of the human ape and it's natural behaviour. He has mentioned the founder's difficultles talking about the subject of sex, essential stuff in the ape's programming. The only effective action of the church regarding the human ape is something they call Purification Rundown. They acknowledge that some human ape bodies are too contaminated with drugs to enable spiritual progress. Then for financial reasons this rundown is sold to all of their public, sometimes several times   ;D

In the TROM materials Dennis also mentions that the spirit and the human ape will part. But this fact is not a good reason to ignore this earthly creature, you might possibly enjoy the ape/spirit coexistence for a long time. Maybe even several times, I don't know what your plans are.

I have mentioned elsewhere that church ignorance of the human ape leads to faulty auditing actions and resulting case worsening.
A lousy example would be a story like this:

I sleep with my neighbor's cute young wife a few times before I get the idea that this is not so smart. Then I go to my local church to get some auditing on the matter. They will do their normal wrong action of ethics cycles and confessionals on the subject, ignoring the human ape aspect of it all. After a nice "success story" I would come home feeling great. Then a few weeks later the neighbor couple would be back from holidays and I would fu'ck that cute wife again the next morning. And I would actually have some extra bypassed charge on my case caused by my visit to that church and not by my sexual adventures.

What happened? Well, their technology is not complete at all. They don't understand that I am maybe 80% human ape and will in many cases follow the programming of that creature. And you might possibly have noticed that most guys would be interested in sleeping with a cute young girl, in many cases would be happy sleeping with several different cuties every week if possible. This is not because I had a bad upbringing or faulty education or evil purpose or any other spiritual or mental factors. It is because my body is human ape and this is what cool apes do   8)

So the overt is actually: "Following your animal instincts and not using your spiritual good judgement".

But I have never heard of any "spiritual people" being able to see such a concept, it's way too simple. You just have to be aware of that dormant animal stuff and control it according to your own judgement, not according to some church viewpoint.

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Re: The human ape thing
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2016, 06:22:12 pm »
Good post.

Overt acts are violations of moral codes. Moral codes vary by time & culture. It's not an "overt act" to be human.