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For the uninitiated, a "stable datum" is something someone adopts to be true in order to hold back or resolve a confusion.  It's mentioned in the book "Problems of Work" by L Ron Hubbard if you want to do a further study of it.

For the longest time, the actions of the Church of Scientology confused me.  On one hand, the auditing and the training seems very helpful.  On the other, staff and Sea Org seem to be virtual slaves, and for the public the activity is a money pit.

I know the tech works.  I have seen it work on every flow- on myself, working it on others, and others working it on others.

Still, though, my involvement in Scientology has been a series of wacky events.  I mean, there are things that I have seen happen in Scientology that are wackier than I have seen inside of mental institutions.

For the longest time I mistakenly believed that well, none of this matters because the tech works.  But then one thinks, well, if the tech works, why the wackiness?

The wackiness does not come from any real or imagined unworkability of the tech.  Whether or not the tech works has nothing to do with it. 

It comes from this one stable datum that holds the entire operation together:

"Scientology is the only hope mankind has of going free."

IF you believe that, then everything makes sense.  The org staff who sometimes go without pay.  The Sea Org member who is practically a slave.  The parishioner who is tens of thousands of dollars in debt.  All of it.  Because if Scientology is the only hope mankind has of going free, then just about any action toward furthering Scientology is justifiable.

And, as long as you believe that, you will never, ever explore anything else.  Because if that datum is ever disproven, boy, you are going to have to do some serious reckoning with your conscience  over whatever sins you committed or were committed on you in the name of Scientology.

It's only going to be when you say quietly to yourself, "there must be another way" that you will be able to open your eyes to any other possibility.  In other words, if you believe the above stable datum, it won't matter if another way is shoved in your face.  You simply will not be able to perceive it, much less believe it.

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I think you've hit the target with that observation. The conviction that "Scientology is the only hope mankind has of going free" wasn't there in the lectures of 1952. It seems to have grown gradually, and by 7 February 1965 when LRH wrote the Keeping Scientology Working policy letter it was a stable datum. It was an "Only One" computation on the grand scale: not just a matter one one single being trying to take on the universe as his opponent, but a group who adopted this computation as their collective game strategy.

Maybe this was because scientologists started to take seriously the packaging of scientology as a 'religion' instead of a science or anything else. It's not unique to us; just about any religion has this stable datum in a mild or virulent form. There are religions that encourage their followers to kill unbelievers with promises of heavenly rewards. And there was the chaplain at my old Presbyterian school who would shake his head sadly over the eternal damnation awaiting non-Christians, probably even Catholics and high-church Anglicans as well.  I admit, it feels warm and cosy to believe you're in the one chosen group who know The Big Truth.

One way a person might get out of the double bind might be to recognise that "Scientology was the best system we had" back in the 1960s, or 1970s, or whenever they were active. Validate it for what it did, and validate the scientologists for their good intentions and hard work. Then come up to present time and see what tech is available now.

Science doesn't progress by asserting a dogma and shouting down all contradictory opinions. As LRH noted (HCOB 22 July 1963 You can be right) scientists who go that route cease to produce valid science. It progresses by developing the best theory possible with the evidence available, seeing how that works, getting more data, and revising the theory.


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I wonder...
How would that read as a double-bind?

If salvation, then Scientology.  If Scientology, then salvation.

It doesn't come from my case, so I guess there might be different ways to interpret as a double bind?


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COS  = freedom factory for profit and tax shelter.
Compulsive hypnotised Money hoarding and slave driving rat bastards. 

carrot and stick tactics with a little blackmail .

They sell freedom to anyone who will buy it while making them feel privileged to get any attention from them at all. The more money you have the more they will demand . If you don't pay , you're out until you do .  I saw this about 6 months after I started on Staff and got out fast.
THE COS was one of the first things I timebroke out of my mind. Its only took a few tries and it was all gone.

Yes they have some juicy TECH but when you see the whole context of what they are doing . The juicy tech is the carrot they dangle on one hand while they dip into you wallet with their other hand and for most of them , they are willing to give it all up and live a life of poverty and self sacrifice thinking it will get better when they get up to the OT levels . A bigger carrot than is confidential and a mystery like the sunshine RD. TOTAL RIP OFF

It's all a rip off sprinkled with juicy treats . It's a con and a scam .

KSW is garbage . Its KSRipping people off who are suffering from mental mass conditions and ae willing to pay anything for relief. 
Its thee most heinous crimes to humanity you can do . The exploitation of innocent people who only want some relief but get nothing of real value in return except .

KS in the trash can and bury it 6 feet under. They stink .