Author Topic: An Article in Psychology Today that describes the Compulsive Must Be Known'er  (Read 31 times)


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Can you see the Must-Be-Known postulate at work here?

"People with this personality disorder commandeer the role of "life of the party." Interests and conversation will be self-focused. They often use physical appearance to draw attention to themselves. Emotional expression may be shallow and rapidly shifting. Their style of speech is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail. They may do well with jobs that value and require imagination and creativity but will probably have difficulty with tasks that demand logical or analytical thinking."

The must-be-known is so busy compulsively creating effects to be liked (inviting rejection) that they have little reserved mentality to actually know the "other".  Some clever or well-advised ones will use some system of analysis to know what effects are best to create,  The best to-be-known artist is intuitive, and competent with their tools, having no fixations (attachments or aversions) re aesthetic components, such as colors or sounds.

I think many You-Tube channel creators are must-be-known'ers and some are very well liked for their looks and charms and personality and chosen lifestyle.  They tend to be upset by "trolls" (usually telling them they are shallow or vapid, or ill dressed, etc.), and will often post a video talking about their trolls' remarks, dramatizing rejection by some "well meaning" must-not-know person who has to make themself known in order to loudly reject. 
Oh, dear oh dear oh dear oh dear when will it ever come to a resolution?

Plus more details in the article link above.  This article must have been written by a "Don't Want to Know You" person, lol!