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TROM and Scientology
« on: April 11, 2018, 09:47:14 am »

Since discovering and studying and practicing TROM and assisting others with their TROM practices, I am less a Scientologist now.  I am more on the way to being more like a Zen master than an auditor or psyche-therapist.
I thoroughly enjoy listening to and contemplating/meditating upon the teachings in the Tao Te Ching, but unlike some Zen people I am not stuck in a "must not know" about life and the games they play, for it was the knowing that helped me realize I am out-gunned by the techno gods and their gadgets.

Scientologists are avid about "putting ethics in on the planet", and I no longer play the spiritual warrior game - or any world shaking games at this time.  Putting ethics in on myself however is a high priority - learning complementary postulates.

If I did choose to play a game before I complete Level Five it is along the lines of supporting anyone who feels TROM theory and practices is too high for most people, and that person is qualified to address that issue and put in some undercuts or aides. For example, Pete McLaughlin created a file helping others use the Six Directions process for their RI practice.

So I cool my jets, and learn how complementary postulates are also an option.

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