Author Topic: What exactly is a game?  (Read 240 times)


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What exactly is a game?
« on: September 08, 2014, 11:15:17 pm »
What exactly is a game? What are the clues? If life is a game then what are the elements? Is it as simple as possession?

When I look over my life I don't see it as a game. But I do see the contest of postulate versus postulate. A lot of my life has been to convince others of what I say. Is this a game? Well there is winning and losing. A loss of postulate convincing game would be a failure of the other person to understand what I'm saying. This can be signaled or understood by me simply by a few things. One of them is non communication from another. If I say my dog is red and the person listening doesn't say anything I feel a loss of my postulate. Thus we could say that a postulate has a basic postulate under it or connected to it and that is that it must be heard and replied to. The other is if the person listening perverts what I say and replies non sequiter and talks about how the sky is very blue today when I had just said my dog is red. That's a loss too. So what are we loosing? Is it the postulate?

On first inspection my postulate doesn't include "must be replied too", but a "must be put out there". However because of the law of duality must be replied too becomes automatic. Thus we get a postulate pair immediately of must be known and must be known, but worded it's must be said and must be replied too as one package. It's a postulate pack. When I send out any communication I send out a postulate package of both postulates automatically. When someone doesn't reply to my communication I get upset because the pack separates.

I don't know, what exactly is a game then?
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Re: What exactly is a game?
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2019, 09:51:50 pm »
Hi, Cory.  First I thank you for starting this forum for Trommers.

About games, as you said, it didn't seem like a game.  Someone once said to me, "This is not a game, this is serious!!"  Shame, blame, guilt ridicule, and it's not fun anymore.

My case is in no condition to play the fun games that I can only envision right now, and I don't know anyone who is in a good enough case condition either - or who is and who would want to play with me in my lowered case condition - a mis-match.  Is that why Dennis said to take someone with you?

Dennis said when games got too serious they become over-motivator cycles, and I do see plenty of that going around, although I'm the only one who sees it for what it is... the other person is convinced they are a victim and nothing but a victim and will always be a victim :-)  ... unless ....  ???

The dog and I seem to be the only ones capable of playing a fun game together.... I throw he chases.

Well, I'm still stuck on handling first dynamic games conditions with my mind and with my body intelligence, so I voluntarily withdraw from all second, third, and fourth dynamic games for now.  In other words, I've stopped putting demands on others, and at the same time I don't allow them to force demands on me.  In my area of competency I only answer technical questions that I can answer borne of my own experience, and I do work closely with two people who share at least part of my path and show some personal devotion and dedication.
I still see Life as beautiful :-) over and above it all :-)


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Re: What exactly is a game?
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2019, 03:00:53 am »
Scientology says life is a game.  It's in Fundamentals of Thought.

Though Dennis does talk a ton about games, he never just says 'life is a game" outright.  Not that I can remember anywhere, and I have read all the stuff twice.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

Games are contests in conviction.  You convince your opponent of your postulate.

TROM is not the first place I found this datum.  In James P Carse's Finite and Infinite Games he says a (finite) game is over when everyone has agreed who the winner is.  It's a similar concept.


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Re: What exactly is a game?
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2019, 05:58:53 pm »
good question

opposing forces = game ( duality )
unity = no game

If you spin a basketball counterclockwise on your finger tip and look at it spin from the top down it will appear to be spinning counter clockwise, but if a person looks up at it from the bottom up as it spins counter clockwise it will appear to be spinning CLOCKWISE .

The person looking down will say its spinning clockwise and the person looking up will say No its counter clockwise.

Both are seeing it spin in opposite directions based on their POV. Both are correct but both will blame each other for being oppositional . They will swear by what they see and insist the other is a nut job or some kind of fruitcake.

they are both being honest and both see CW and CCW directions at the exact same space in time.

OPPOSITION is built into the fabric and true nature of the Realm we live in . Why ? to have a game .

Games are fun , Winning all the time is not fun . It may be at first but after a while it becomes dull.

Losing all the time is irritating too . LIFE made sure there will be plenty to fun to be had as long at it goes back and forth .

Take sex for example. It's an act of back and forth . In and out . Just in , is not going to work and just out isn't going to work . There must be both in and out in order to have pleasure. 

Unity  and duality ( self and others ) is much like win lose too . Life on its own with no opposition in a state of 1ness and unity is like winning all the time.  Duality lets life lose and win which generates all kinds fun games.

Playing games is not a bad thing at all . Its what we are all here to do .  Its the compulsive or abarated games play that TROM is addressing on L5 .

I love playing games and I love to win . I hate losing but in order to have fun , we can't have just 1 or there other and the same applies to unity and duality

 we can make anything into a game . Trying not to play any games while everyone else plays them as has fun doing it , is just as dull as being unified with all life all day every day . It gets dull after a while .

GO to the store ..ok
pick up the kids... ok
eat dinner ok
go to a movie you hate OK
eat food that makes you wanna barf , Thanks !! It was delicious dear

yes yes yes yes every day all day is dull . So...........

Can you pick up some food at the store ?

  NO. I went last time and no it's your turn.

Really ? well I scramble your eggs this am and I think you should go .

You're a dirty **** so get your ass up and move it .

I want a divorce.
WHAT ?  over my dead body .

 NEXT morning, unity ......

By hun im off to work see you tonight

Ok sweety see you then have a nice day  EH  ?

kiss kiss 

TROM address every kind of possible game from 2 POVs. There are only 2 POVs but manys different and similar ways to have them .

I can see a game coming before it ever starts. By the time you're well into TROM , you'll be an expert game player but you won't win them all  .

In fact on average you will only win half of them no matter what , due to the law of averages which demands you only win half .

Like the basketball, the purpose of duality is to have opposition.

The is ONLY unity/duality in life. There isn't a 3rd 4th 5th etc. ONLY 1 and 2. 

There is only 1 creator called LIFE. , IF you were alone all the time, the only game you would be able to play is with oneself. ALSO VERY DULL  so life made "others "
to play games with and against . Then goes into a "  not know " condition to make it seem like there TRULY is "others" or many others to play with when there is still only 1 player who pretends to have others to play with . So much so , its hard not to believe anything but that

TROM takes you back to the time when this NOT KNOW condition was made and once you know it , youll always know it .

Im able to know or not know at at will and my life is much better off having a choice in the matter. Choice is a good thing. NO CHOICE is not .

Saying a prayer to the lord JC or whom ever is a NOT KNOW .  Taking responsibility is to know . ALmost everyone  I know is in a NOT know condition , They believe the traditional God in heaven , you are you and I am me and we are totally separate.

When you unify with all life ( including the creator who is already unified , ) life will take on a totally new meaning. An enjoyable new means at that .

The downside is that you will still be alone to the degree that you know and others dont dont. That gets dull after a while to and pulls you into a not know again .

Its a slippery slope. Not to easy to navigate and you'll find yourself back where you started again

Losing the mental mass that got you there in the first place with L5 makes it easier to go back and forth .

I overestimated TROM at first . But I got it sorted out on my own terms . Everyone will need to use some  logic to use with trom . Losing mental mass on its own is great but you still need to use good judgment. You'll have a huge edge in games play but you won't have or get everything you want all the time.

There's opposition in the 4th and 5th dimensions too which Ill be explaining in a thread Ive started .

The 4th and 5th dimensions is where the real fun is. The 3rd dimensions here on earth is slow and dence, old and brutal .

Ill explain soon

Keep going on L5. just start doing it . lose this significance . Its easier than most may think.

When you're done , you'll know it because the significance of will also be gone and stay gone too .

You'll be very fast witted and be able to do things in life you can't imagine until you're done with L5

You can always return and continue on if its not quit done . Dont be aniouxus . Its doesnt take that long .

I wish I knew then, ( as a young adult ) what  I know now. But I still have some time to make the best of what I have left.

Helping others lose mental mass is a good thing . Its pleasurable so I volunteer for it . I learn from it too . It's not just about vanishing mental mass . Its about understanding games too  and how to play them so nobody gets hurt .


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Re: What exactly is a game?
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2019, 11:26:21 am »
there is only  " the 1 " and the 1 is THEE only siritual being that exists anywhere and everywhere.

The 1 has the ability to consider itself as many seperated spiritual beings that are   " not self "

or  "others " ( same difference )

self and others are the same spiritual being  "the 1 "

Playing games are fun  but playing games against and with self is dull . Others were brought into existence to play game with and have fun.

In order to have others life goes into a  not know condition that it is both self and others and considers itself either self or others but not both. The 1 goes to great lengths to convince itself that there are "others " and that self is not "others "

If you play a game that involves self and others like a game of chess , and you know you are playing both sides of the board as  "self and as the other" its just as dull and no fun.

THEREFOR life, the 1 , MUST actually convince itself that it is not "others "

Once you have the self others cognition, that's it . there is no going back . But it doesn't mean you can never have fun again. There's still a lot of fun to be had as a human and as  " the 1 "

When the body dies, the body's soul does not leave the body
When the body dies, the body leaves the soul and that soul is the 1. It's the only soul there is .

When the body dies, all of its memory dies with it .
The 1 never dies. It lives on through all the other life forms as  "others "

Look at  "the 1" as a tree. The tree has many vibrant leafs growing on the tree and each have a name , Some different and some the same.

When Colleens  BIO body form  dies, it drops off the tree and becomes part of the earth ( geo ) non life form .

All of her memories die with her as if she was never born but the tree goes on to live through Pete or Jurgen or Davids leafs.

New leafs are born and lived through as old leafs fall off and become GEO

It's always BIO + towards GEO-
life towards death and up towards down ( gravity )

I hope this helps you get to the top of Level 5 sooner than later.
We can make sense out of life . The state of confusion facilitates convincing self others duality
The sate of understanding facilitates unity and 1ness with all life.

You need not vanish the mind completely to have completed L5.  The body can not exist without its mind and the mind cannot exist without a body .

Vanish as much mental mass as possible without losing your ability to have fun in life. It's the beat you will ever be able to do  .

Being unified with everything and everyone wont work all of the time . Living in duality as self and others also doesn't work . Games become compulsive and no fun .

Its unity and duality then unity and duality . Its self , and self /others and self and self /others.

When L5 goes flat and produces no more change , its done. You'll look at the PFCC and ask is it flat  ? you'll have your answer . If yes , you're done , if no , its not.

Have a nice day  :  )


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Re: What exactly is a game?
« Reply #5 on: July 11, 2021, 05:11:17 pm »
I know this is an old thread, but, hey, you know - I think I got an even more basic simple answer to your question.

Do you recall Dennis saying the first game was the "Surprise Game"? For example, every movie or soap opera I watch keeps up the element of surprise or surprising shock moments, including aesthetic surprising delights... new and surprising is the game. 

And how boring we find movies with repeating themes over and over again... rarely do we want to watch a movie more than once - the element of newness and surprise gone. Or how boring a person becomes when they keep saying the same things over and over again - once we've been entertained with the complete loop of their intellectual or comedic circuitry and start to see it re-looping - I'm outta here .... nothing new here.  :D

For example, when my husband says, "Yes, dear', this is the fourth time you've said that ...."  :D


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Re: What exactly is a game?
« Reply #6 on: February 06, 2022, 03:53:07 am »

.... TROM is not the first place I found this datum.  In James P Carse's Finite and Infinite Games he says a (finite) game is over when everyone has agreed who the winner is.  It's a similar concept.

Before I returned yet another lifetime to Scientology, in 1991-ish I read James P. Carse's book and moved to France with book in hand, ready to bring it up with with the fellas in the posh French pubs.  No one got it except myself, not even the tennis player!! Dennis completed the picture for me.


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Re: What exactly is a game?
« Reply #7 on: December 13, 2022, 07:56:39 pm »
you know, when you think about it, even a game of hockey is played so one side will convince the other that they are the better hockey team.
you 'win' when you can enforce your postulate (compulsive games play) or get the person to agree to what you are saying and/or understand (voluntary games play).  And in voluntary games play, when someone changes your mind about something by reasoning it out with you instead of overwhelming you, then it's not so aberrative, but you are still in a contest of conviction.
There are a series of books on Toltec wisdom written by Don Miguel Ruiz, the most notable is "The Four Agreements". In this philosophy he talks about the 'battle of belief' wherein everyone seems to try and persuade each other to their opinion. He also talks about how people gossip about each other to convince the other person that such-and-such is bad so they can have an ally against the person they don't like.