Author Topic: Who is using trom these days ?  (Read 197 times)


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Re: Who is using trom these days ?
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:51:53 pm »
Just reading trom and Dennis' emphasis on being complementary made me re-think my life and how I relate with my body intelligence, and with others.

His list of Junior Universes made me aware of my current trigger points.

His "To Handle" process helped me run off my parents' covert game strategies which I also adopted.

Level Two has helped me spot and process aesthetic or color hang-ups in a scene.

RI is a big help with my current creative project - being able to get 3D viewpoints and walkthroughs.  RI also once speedily saved me from death caused by too much negative psychic inflow.  RI helps me recover more quickly from an upset and able to expand my viewpoints and response options.

Trom also helped me see the value of calmly back and forth reasoning with others (To Reason goal set).

Trom helped me on social media to be aware of and take another approach to my "arch enemy" - the must not know case that dramatizes infliction as a motivator.

Trom's ethics code helped me be more aware of when I'm having "fun" at another's expense.

Dennis got me to doing more "touching" of the particles of sensation and emotion instead of sitting in a stew and resisting or expressing them, which has been especially helpful while experiencing de-tox somatics.

My initial difficulty was that Level Two sometimes brought up scenes that were hard for me to re-experience (for example an aesthetic implant scene involving certain colors), and I was not doing RI correctly, or was getting over-worked about how to do it.  I did have the CCH's (twice now).  Practice incorporating and balancing RI with Level Two and timebreaking does make it run smoother.
From my own experience I have to agree with Dennis that Level Two separates the men from the boys, so to speak - not his own words exactly, and I still don't much like running Level Two, but once I do make myself start a Level Two session I'm always glad I did.  And I'm still weak on doing "another" RI until no more change, and I often get an urge to quickie through it; however I also greatly enjoy that quietness of mind that comes from doing a good round of RI.

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