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Title: Some manifestations while running 5b "To Help"
Post by: TromFan on October 01, 2019, 08:41:25 pm
Recently I got stably back on level five-- and I mean this time for sure, I am ready for it and know how to do it kind of stable.  No weird mental stuff going on between sessions like I had before.

So far this time around I did "To know" to null, then re-ran "to sex" and nulled it, then re-nulled 5a afterwards to great result.

Well, I thought "to sex" was a trip.  That's nothing compared to "to help" which I have only been on for two days including today.
(Please note, this is my case and not necessarily everyone else's)

While running 1a (Other "Must be helped", Self overwhelmed into "Must help") in the distance I heard something that I knew I had to handle despite being in session, and it happened twice.  I am RARELY interrupted in session, but oddly enough, I knew someone needed my help, even though they did not call for me, and I HAD to get up off my couch and handle it.

So, the next day I am all alone in the house and I am running 1b  (Other "Must be helped" and self resisting with "Must not help").

What happens now?  Just as I got myself into the middle of timebreaking some serious stuff that I could not tear myself away from unless someone was dying,  I hear my DOG pawing at my door, then starts barking.  So now, in REAL LIFE some being is demanding my help and I cannot help them and have to resist the urge.  This happened twice during my session.  The dog rarely bothers me at other times when I am home alone.

You know, it's a good thing that postulates didn't manifest like this while I was running "to sex".  I am, after all, married.