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Title: Notes While on Grade 2 (Overts and Withholds)
Post by: Karalee on March 06, 2014, 06:34:28 pm
The reason I took up Scientology Grade 2 auditing coincident with my practice of Repair of Importances (RI) and Level 2 (Differences and Similarities Timebreaking) is that I was heavily dramatizing overts and withholds.

It is having a calming effect as I let go of certain tendencies or compulsions related to the subject addressed.

Two days ago I took a look in session at Lester Levenson (Sedona Method founder) and was able to let go of some part of an experiential loop related to what Dennis terms "Freedom Factories".  I saw how these IP states and compulsions would actually make my clearing work less enjoyable. 

I do RI before session and after session and that helps too.