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Read TROM here / Re: Comprehensive Glossary for TROM a Games Manual
« on: June 12, 2019, 02:40:48 pm »

Got it, and thank you.

Read TROM here / Re: TROM for Non-Scientologists Part Six
« on: June 12, 2019, 02:38:02 pm »

Thank you Guest54 for the "Trom for Non Scientologists" and I hurriedly copied and pasted all six sections into a personal use only .doc file and will read as soon as I am able, thank you.

General Discussion / Re: Who is using trom these days ?
« on: June 12, 2019, 02:13:03 pm »

Hello, and, yes, I did have charge come off doing this:  "Daughter, create me an ice cream cone" plus the six-directions process (front-back, up-down, left-right).  I imaged her (because I like seeing her too) all six times handing me an ice-cream cone and I'm still yawning off charge.

I think this way is more interactive, and I appreciate that.  Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: Why I TROM
« on: June 12, 2019, 02:05:07 pm »
Hello, Guest, I concur 100% with everything you wrote.  I've never before had such a level of certainty re vanishing case, and I've stopped further searching for a good DIY bridge to "native state", as Ron called it.  I'm not saying there is not another DIY bridge b/c I'm sure there is more than one way to skin a cat.  I'm saying trom theory and practices speak to me as someone with a long Scientology track, and like yourself, much of scientology datums, practices, and constructs are still useful.

General Discussion / Re: Who is using trom these days ?
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:51:53 pm »
Just reading trom and Dennis' emphasis on being complementary made me re-think my life and how I relate with my body intelligence, and with others.

His list of Junior Universes made me aware of my current trigger points.

His "To Handle" process helped me run off my parents' covert game strategies which I also adopted.

Level Two has helped me spot and process aesthetic or color hang-ups in a scene.

RI is a big help with my current creative project - being able to get 3D viewpoints and walkthroughs.  RI also once speedily saved me from death caused by too much negative psychic inflow.  RI helps me recover more quickly from an upset and able to expand my viewpoints and response options.

Trom also helped me see the value of calmly back and forth reasoning with others (To Reason goal set).

Trom helped me on social media to be aware of and take another approach to my "arch enemy" - the must not know case that dramatizes infliction as a motivator.

Trom's ethics code helped me be more aware of when I'm having "fun" at another's expense.

Dennis got me to doing more "touching" of the particles of sensation and emotion instead of sitting in a stew and resisting or expressing them, which has been especially helpful while experiencing de-tox somatics.

My initial difficulty was that Level Two sometimes brought up scenes that were hard for me to re-experience (for example an aesthetic implant scene involving certain colors), and I was not doing RI correctly, or was getting over-worked about how to do it.  I did have the CCH's (twice now).  Practice incorporating and balancing RI with Level Two and timebreaking does make it run smoother.
From my own experience I have to agree with Dennis that Level Two separates the men from the boys, so to speak - not his own words exactly, and I still don't much like running Level Two, but once I do make myself start a Level Two session I'm always glad I did.  And I'm still weak on doing "another" RI until no more change, and I often get an urge to quickie through it; however I also greatly enjoy that quietness of mind that comes from doing a good round of RI.

General Discussion / Re: Please message me if you need help
« on: June 12, 2019, 12:09:19 pm »
What you say indicates to me because in the Church I kept wanting to doze off while reading Dianetics until I finally got through the Div 6 Dianetics course and was allowed then to audit a few people.  What an awesome experience

I'm currently handling a nervous system and endocrine system condition with de-toxing protocols, and assigned a confusion condition to this mind/body/critters complex. As soon as that gets resolved and the mental fog gone I will re-visit trom with greater and sustainable resolve, and clear up any conceptual mis-understandings. 

I do however get a kick out of doing RI every day.  In the meantime I take to heart Dennis' advice to get to know this body intimately and work towards being more complementary with its basic biochemistry and anatomy and social urges.

BTW, have you done any clay demos re TROM?  Would you recommend any clay demos?

General Discussion / Re: Please message me if you need help
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:11:35 am »
Hello, TromFan and welcome to the forum.  I appreciate your skill level with Scientology and with Trom.  Yes, I do see that TROM, being too simple for complicated and distractable minds, could use a good undercut. 

For example, one of the best undercuts that was presented to me in Scientology was the Purif and the "Clear Body, Clear Mind" book, expounding the values of de-toxing the body before entering a course of mind clearing. This was also an ancient practice before starting a course or mission.

Also, I can see if a Scientologist is doing a deeper Conditions by Dynamics and is in awareness level of "confusion" on the first dynamic - mind, body and possessions - to grasp the fundamental simplicity of trom and its practices helps one take a stand and be able to sort out dire confusion re their own mind.

General Discussion / Re: Postulate Failure Chart
« on: June 12, 2019, 07:53:03 am »
level 5 is the universe acting on self . Its a sequence that we are at the effect of . Its a sequence that  and we experience is ways that go undetected .

Forcing to be known can be as simple as farting in an elevator
Preventing can be as simple as pressing the close door button as someone gets closer to boarding the elevator . Then pretending like you are pressing the button frantically trying to keep the door open and thinking come on door close close close before he gets to it .

And you love the way it feels too. Ah hahahahah

we are constantly going round and round the PFFC in real life in real time .

We are doing L5 , or at least I am , as a single spiritual being . NOT a seperated soul or spirit.

When I do l5 Im both at the origin and receipt

Its just a matter of changing our POV from self to others or both self and others and self AS others

I never see what im time breaking either , other than solid mental mass that is very tangible

It makes my head shake left right a few times depending on how many sequences im vanishing on L5

Its good stuff > most of the time , in day to day life Im time breaking as a normal daily function . Eating sleeping or using the bathroom 

Found a real juicy set a few weeks ago . Put a big smile on my face becasue I instantly knew I was about to start raiating energy out from my body 360 degrees spherical
OH what a feeling  !!!!!! eh  ?

Haha, the elevator scene - your knowledge of human behavior as exposed by TROM would make you a great comedian.  Some people need help to come up to awareness of the sensation aspect of a goal, especially those habitual secret non-life goals .... and, yes, I have wanted to be alone in the elevator  :-)

General Discussion / Re: Who is using trom these days ?
« on: June 12, 2019, 07:41:24 am »
I am almost finished with the second pass-through on level 5a.  I have no idea how long it is going to take to complete level five.  I will tell you that I get benefits every single session I do.  Immediately after the session I feel good and more aware.  Sometimes a startling permanent case change occurs.  I reflect on what sort of compulsive games play condition I was in, bordering on insanity when I started around November of last year and the difference is dramatic.

Great to see you having profound case change and able to stick to it and on Level 5a. The only difficulty with Trom as I see it is sticking with it, actually doing it; otherwise it is utter simplicity.

(The following is a work of fiction)
A parishioner walks into the Div 2 registrar's office after completing a service.  The registrar greets them, and after exchanging pleasantries says, "Congratulations on completing your service.  Now, the rest of your auditing steps to make it to Clear will cost you around $50,000"
The parishioner smiles and says, "No thanks.  That's too much."
"You don't have the money?  Well, I can probably find a financial institution that will give you credit..."
"No, I have the money, it's just that right now $50,000 is more important to me than going Clear."
"You do realize this is your eternity, right?"
"Yeah, sure it is."
"Well, then you should realize that going Clear is more important than your $50,000"
The parishioner looks down and thinks this over for a moment, then looks up.  "But $50,000 is more important to you than my going Clear, isn't it?"
"That doesn't make sense.  I'm only trying to help you.  If you have the money, and want to go clear, then what's the problem?"
"The money is more important to me than going Clear is.  And the money is more important to you than my going Clear.  If it wasn't, you would find a way to make me a Clear without charging me that much money."
"There has to be exchange.  We need the money for our staff, for our building..."
"It does not matter whether it is by preference or necessity.  The truth of the matter is that you will not let me go Clear unless I pay you $50,000.  So getting the money is more important to you than my spiritual freedom."
"Look, Scientology is your only hope of spiritual freedom."
"And, you are in fact holding that spiritual freedom hostage until I pay you $50,000.  It's extortion, when you think about it."
"You could get declared for saying things like that."
"Well then, at least I get to keep my $50,000, right?"

Geoffrey Filbert in "Excalibur Revisited" has an extended Scale of Awarenesses that goes all the way down to "money".

It is ironic - when Dennis says money is a system of power - that the organization that is going to help bring you to a state where you have power of postulate is itself stuck in awareness of money to obtain power.

On the other hand there is the story of Jesus telling the rich man to sell all his material goods and follow him ....

Trom takes money out of the picture and puts emphasis on recovering power of postulate.

General Discussion / Re: Proof of Trom
« on: March 03, 2019, 11:11:17 am »
 Awesome, Joey, just awesome  :)

Dennis made one mention of "ionizing white" vs "ionizing black".

I'm saving your posts for when my brain comes back online   :)

General Discussion / Re: Proof of Trom
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:12:21 pm »
 Hello, Jonah,

Currently,the most powerful thing I could do for "others" is to resolve all my non-life goals I made upon entry into this universe, and see how they contributed to degradation in this universe.  So, sometimes when I am struck by some degradation I ask myself, "What is my cause here?"  The power to see and then let go of some old non-life postulate against "others".

Another power move would be to assume the viewpoint of the creator of this universe.

General Discussion / Re: A realization of what's actually reactive
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:57:21 pm »
Level Five is a treasure isn't it?

General Discussion / Re: Problem with the sentence
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:55:33 pm »
doesn't it boil down to Dennis saying some postulates create conflict and some postulates create affinity (are complementary)?

General Discussion / Re: What exactly is a game?
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:51:50 pm »
Hi, Cory.  First I thank you for starting this forum for Trommers.

About games, as you said, it didn't seem like a game.  Someone once said to me, "This is not a game, this is serious!!"  Shame, blame, guilt ridicule, and it's not fun anymore.

My case is in no condition to play the fun games that I can only envision right now, and I don't know anyone who is in a good enough case condition either - or who is and who would want to play with me in my lowered case condition - a mis-match.  Is that why Dennis said to take someone with you?

Dennis said when games got too serious they become over-motivator cycles, and I do see plenty of that going around, although I'm the only one who sees it for what it is... the other person is convinced they are a victim and nothing but a victim and will always be a victim :-)  ... unless ....  ???

The dog and I seem to be the only ones capable of playing a fun game together.... I throw he chases.

Well, I'm still stuck on handling first dynamic games conditions with my mind and with my body intelligence, so I voluntarily withdraw from all second, third, and fourth dynamic games for now.  In other words, I've stopped putting demands on others, and at the same time I don't allow them to force demands on me.  In my area of competency I only answer technical questions that I can answer borne of my own experience, and I do work closely with two people who share at least part of my path and show some personal devotion and dedication.
I still see Life as beautiful :-) over and above it all :-)

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