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Well im not sure really. A compulsive games player imo just reacts to any situation given and is comforming to the laws of duality automatically. While the other type would have more control over his environment and having more control means you wont react to stimulus as much. Having control meansnyou can choose one side of duality over another. You want to be good your good, you want to be bad your bad. But a compulsive player just molds to a situation what is demanded of him. Hes bad or good but hes definitely not in control of his thoughts. And creative thoghts are what makes good things happen. While reacitive thoughts are usually individualistic and not situated towards the greater good. Theyr more selfish.

Level one TROM / Re: RI: Lemon Aid
« on: July 17, 2018, 10:54:53 am »
Cory writes:  Cool. When you say 360 degrees you mean like lemons around the head in a circle? Cool how you felt peaceful. How much time did you have to put into it to feel peace? Do you go through the tone scale?

One Trommer I talk with says to put it all around yourself, generally meaning the body and space around it.   I put up a lemon in front of me or some theme of a lemon or lemons and enlarge it and put it all around me 360.   I stick with what Dennis says about not worrying if one cannot see it very well.   I do feel a change of mass or energies when I put it around me 360 even though I do not totally see it and I'm a bit sloppy about making sure it is all around my body. I just sort of do a swirl around me as best I can.  Just postulate it all around me.

To feel the peacefulness of quiet mind took about 8 hours over two days.   Today when I woke up I started touching things until I felt I could do RI proper.   The peacefulness of mind is not yet stable. Doing RI the way I did puts "thinking" in a whole new perspective.   :-)

Thanks that was good. Sometimes it takes a lot just for a few minutes. Ri sort of reminds me of those nights i cant sleep when im imagining something ill be getting the next day or a project I want to do. It really wakes me up. I guess ri is different though putting it 360 around your body.

Level one TROM / Re: How Doing RI Saved My Body Life
« on: July 17, 2018, 10:37:03 am »
Thanks for the info :)

On p.22 of The TROM book, I see two sentences which confuse me:

The first one is: """All the subject of reason limit the possible and define the reasonable"""

This is not a well-formed English sentence. What do you suppose the author was trying to express here?

Next we read: """The most reasonable postulate is a complementary postulate"""

The reason this confuses me is that I wonder why a postulate needs to be complementary to anything: it stands on its own.

Your right a postulate is a postulate in a state exterior to your body. A state where your uneffected by anything can be a strait postulate without consequence. Scientology calls it serenity of beingness. However people dont operate like this. If the average person makes a "postulate" it is formulated based on your life experience, which is a series of effects in your life. They thinj it through first. That thouhht bombards with all possible bad situations and is crafted based on them. Thus most "postulates" are in fact just counter postulates to something else. A reaction. Thus we have the four kinds of effect postulates. A cause postulate is pure and uninterrupted by past effects. Its done without reservation or inhibitions because its done in the present moment now, not from the mind or the past.

Well thats a very broad way of looking at it but imo it is related more to changing a postulate because of some effect. Like turns to dislike. All dislikes are contamined postualted with the exception of physical pain. So what you dislike is a contamined postualte. Things that are generally good and have become bad to you will be a contaminted postualte. This is reactive mind stuff. Below 2.0 on the tone scale. Its not unusual to disagree with torture or murder as these things are natural dislikes. These things are considered to be bad because they dont contribute to a greater good. But if you dont like art then your postualtes about that were contaminated with some opposing postualte. Art isnt bad in fact its inherently good for all. Art is sort of the exspression of anything and granting it beingness. Art is a appreciating creation.

Other technology about the mind / Re: Radical Honesty
« on: July 16, 2018, 06:34:23 pm »
Yes being brutally honest sounds bad for sure. I think thats just the beinginess of a boss, to be picky and complain about even the smallest of things. But ive never been a boss so I wouldn't know lol.

Other technology about the mind / Re: Enneagram
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:51:55 pm »
No i havent studied it or taken a course hut felt it was a good kick start topic to this thread. But its interesting how its organized.

Other technology about the mind / Re: Radical Honesty
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:49:34 pm »
It was good thanks. I felt a little bored at first but it got more intesting wheb he talked about reactive minds. I thought this guys a scientologist. But then i thought how he wasnt because he talked about the three minds and they had different names than scientolgies dianetics. Like the anylytical mind he calls it something else. I liked his talk about being honest. Id live to just say blunty to my boss your a miserable ass hole controller who hasnt got anything hetter to do than pick on things that are unimporant. Lol. But i wont do that ill lose my job. But wow. Thanks again.

Imo it means that two people who have opposing views collide and become contaminiated with one another if they communicate disagreement. Even if by means of communication one player decides to agree with the oppenents postulate anout something the original postulate he had then became contaminated or in other words it changed his original idea from one to another. For example, He loved bread but someone said there is arsenic in it and he doesn't like arsenic because its poison and thus his postuale changed and he doesnt eat bread because of the opponents view.

General Discussion / Re: Postulates and the difference between..
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:01:10 am »
What I find interesting about postulates is as soon as you put one out it immediately makes the opposite unlikelable.

 "I hope there will be nice weather tomorrow" also means bad weather is unlikeable and good weather is likeable.

Level one TROM / Re: Unusual Occurrence with Twin while doing RI
« on: November 13, 2017, 09:47:27 am »
Sounds like progress is being made. Yawning is definitely a good thing. I found yawning wakes me up not put me to sleep as most people say it does.

Level one TROM / Re: R.I. questions.
« on: November 13, 2017, 09:32:37 am »
Yes the material can be hard to understand. What is important is highly individual. Some people find it important not to eat fruit with pesticides, and eat organic fruit. While others don't care at all, it's not important.

So what your doing is creating importance to what's important to you. How you do it is up to you. Visualize, day  it out loud, put pesticide covered apples all around you, etcetera. At least that's what I believe.

Here is a cutout from it:

"opposites are distinct things in their own right it is important to recognize that each coexist by consent of its other half. For example you cannot have up without down or sickness without health, remove one from existence and you have to remove the other. The significance of this to our lives results from the understanding that this fundamental rule also applies to conditions such as happiness and sadness. We are all taught to seek happiness but what we fail to realize is that happiness cannot exist without sadness; therefore if we seek happiness we are destined to encounter sadness because both depend on each other for their existence. How can this happen?"

Ive read a little about the false purpose rundown. Or like you imply it could be called false postulate rundown. it works, but feel its limited in workablility. Im looking for the ultimate rundown, one that doesnt miss anything. Trom does that better by not focusing only on the tip of the needle, but includes the whole needle in one rundown, "postulate rundown". Thats what i think scientology messed up at, processes which are focussing only on one part of the neeldle and not the whole needle. Postulates are what makes us move in the game of life. We can make bad moves and good moves.

General Discussion / Re: Postulates and the difference between..
« on: June 03, 2015, 03:02:50 am »
Very helpful! I like how it packages posttulates. I would call the part "A wish" "wish type postulates". Or "belief type postulates". That just makes more sense to me, but maybe not to others. This seems to be useful because its  broad rather than condensed. I once ased someone "do you think these postulate packs are categorized properly?", meaning TROM, and he said, "well i suppose you can categorize anything". That led me to think. But this is nicer and smoother. All we need to do is recognize when we postulated by identifying the "postulate type word identifier", like "wish type postules". It took me a few days to let this sink in but it makes sense. Would love to read part 2!

Other postulates i can think of are:

-Goal type postulates
-destroy postulates
-repair postulates (like forgivness)

I dont know maybe i got it all wrong.

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