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TROM experiences / Re: Doing RI Saved My Life Yesterday
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:50:10 pm »
Thank you, Pete. I want Trommers to know how powerful doing RI can be, even though on the surface it seems rather simple.

TROM experiences / Doing RI Saved My Life Yesterday
« on: February 01, 2018, 05:45:10 pm »
I was working to end a long de-tox that had started to move some stagnant lymph in the cerebellum, and the going was getting rougher than I wished to experience. Acids were moving around in the body, as is typical with the type of de-tox I do. Very dizzy, nauseous.

On top of that I got very upset and pulled in "psychic acid" - let's call it that. My body started to expire with the doubled acid load and I felt death coming on. Besides knowing I have to finish Trom, what saved me was sitting down and doing RI (Repair of Importances). I put my favorite fruits all around me - it didn't take but a few minutes and I was good again.

Level one TROM / Unusual Occurrence with Twin while doing RI
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:21:28 am »
My RI twin yesterday was doing RI very quickly and efficiently so that he could get into timebreaking within our allotted time, putting his creations all around him 360, zip-zip-zip.

He suddenly experienced a cascade of involuntary and very heavy yawning that went on for about 3-4 minutes. I felt the dam had opened for him - he is timebreaking some very heavy childhood incidents.

He felt that he was on the verge of going into alkalosis to the point of unconsciousness, and fortunately the yawning subsided before that occurred.

He is getting more and more interested in his case, but he still needs someone to twin with before he can go totally DIY with RI and timebreaking.

Read TROM here / Re: New download link for The Resolution of Mind
« on: October 01, 2017, 06:49:44 am »
Dennis said something like - that which is rare and beautiful is of great value.  Thank you.

Level one TROM / This Lazy Man's RI is working for me
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:43:14 pm »
Creative Visualization for lazy people:

Step 1: Create a new "Pictures" folder called "Eye Candy".

Step 2: Copy and Paste your favorite photos of places, people, objects, foods you like, whatever is important to you then and now.

Step 3: Make some time and space to do this practice.

Step 4: Bring up the first photo or image - look at it, see it.

Step 5: Then put it all around you 360-degrees

Step 6: Stop once you feel relaxed and mind feels quiet and you feel "present".

If you felt something shift for you, then you are good to do this practice - good to go!!!

Note: I also pick on people in my life and imagine things that they might want to create, and I put that all around me too - it helps me relate to them better, and I likewise do that until the mind goes quiet and I feel more present.

Read TROM here / Re: New download link for The Resolution of Mind
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:40:23 pm »
I've posted a new pdf file of Dennis Stephens' book The Resolution of Mind at

This certainly isn't meant to be a "Golden Age of TROM", but just one more place where interested people can download The Resolution of Mind, and in the hope that others will continue pass it on - in any medium, in English and other languages.  This pdf began as my working copy with the typos from earlier editions cleared up to make reading easier. I have also arranged the four addendum sections in chronological order, added a table of contents and used a typeface that I hope readers will find easy on the eyes.

Many thanks to Greg Pickering, and everyone else who have made The Resolution of Mind available in the public domain.

Hello, David. I am late in seeing this post. Do you have a new link?  Thank you.

TROM experiences / Results of Running Dennis' "To Handle" therapy
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:38:13 pm »
My TROM partner helped me run Dennis' "To Handle" questions re both my parents. Worked real well too - exposed ongoing game strategies I picked up and acted out for the longest time. I'm very thankful for this line of questioning.

General Discussion / Re: The human ape thing
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:17:16 pm »
In spiritual studies the human ape is a very lonely guy. So called "spiritual people" kind of drop this subject faster than a hot potato. And speaking about potatoes, I recall from the Philadelphia lectures that the great hubbard guy had an introduction that was too funny. He said something like this:
"This lecture will be about operating thetan. But the fact is there aren't any operating thetans around any more. I can only see operating GEs". (laughter in the audience)
And then the guy went on to lecture them about the troubles of spirits (thetans), ignoring the fact that his audience were apes.

GE = genetic entity, the being that runs the body, not the spirit.
operating thetan = a very theoretical state, a sort of perfect spirit.
human ape = GE + physical body

Dennis Stephens knew about the church's ignorance of the human ape and it's natural behaviour. He has mentioned the founder's difficultles talking about the subject of sex, essential stuff in the ape's programming. The only effective action of the church regarding the human ape is something they call Purification Rundown. They acknowledge that some human ape bodies are too contaminated with drugs to enable spiritual progress. Then for financial reasons this rundown is sold to all of their public, sometimes several times   ;D

In the TROM materials Dennis also mentions that the spirit and the human ape will part. But this fact is not a good reason to ignore this earthly creature, you might possibly enjoy the ape/spirit coexistence for a long time. Maybe even several times, I don't know what your plans are.

I have mentioned elsewhere that church ignorance of the human ape leads to faulty auditing actions and resulting case worsening.
A lousy example would be a story like this:

I sleep with my neighbor's cute young wife a few times before I get the idea that this is not so smart. Then I go to my local church to get some auditing on the matter. They will do their normal wrong action of ethics cycles and confessionals on the subject, ignoring the human ape aspect of it all. After a nice "success story" I would come home feeling great. Then a few weeks later the neighbor couple would be back from holidays and I would fu'ck that cute wife again the next morning. And I would actually have some extra bypassed charge on my case caused by my visit to that church and not by my sexual adventures.

What happened? Well, their technology is not complete at all. They don't understand that I am maybe 80% human ape and will in many cases follow the programming of that creature. And you might possibly have noticed that most guys would be interested in sleeping with a cute young girl, in many cases would be happy sleeping with several different cuties every week if possible. This is not because I had a bad upbringing or faulty education or evil purpose or any other spiritual or mental factors. It is because my body is human ape and this is what cool apes do   8)

So the overt is actually: "Following your animal instincts and not using your spiritual good judgement".

But I have never heard of any "spiritual people" being able to see such a concept, it's way too simple. You just have to be aware of that dormant animal stuff and control it according to your own judgement, not according to some church viewpoint.

Good point about "spiritual people". Doing body-work such as dryfasting and switching up to a mostly fruit diet is my first attempt this life to actually even think about studying about and being complementary with the ape, but I'm glad I did because there is less brain fog and my sessions go better.

I actually watched a lot of videos about bonobos and orangutans (still in their native environments, not driven out like the mountain gorilla).

This was a very very big deal - cleaning up my diet and cleansing until one day I made a firm decision to go beyond human condition. After that everything became more balanced, less obsessed with healing everything that I did wrong with this body.  However after some long dryfasts this ape sure wanted to swing from a grapevine  :-)

The authority on human apes who gave me the biochemical fundamentals (occam's razor rules here too) was Dr. Robert Morse, ND, de-tox specialist, and his many teaching videos.

General Discussion / Re: Just getting started. Have some thoughts...
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:05:05 pm »
Hello, Jman, welcome to trom. I got onto this board rather late to see your messages. Where are you now with trom?  Would you like some help over skype or google chat?

Hello, Adal,

Good to hear that you found TROM RI to be like a long lost native ability, which I'm sure it is. I started out using the recording and then dropped it and go at my own pace until I feel relaxed and more "here and now". Sometimes things around me just look brighter. And I do the same for "another".  It's real simple and gets one moving real well doing the core timebreaking practice, and keeps one from experiencing too much discomfort discharging any negative energies while timebreaking. It's a godsend when timebreaking touchy areas... just pull out and bring some things into existence ... and then go back to the hot topic - it will run without so much discomfort.

Have you visited the TROMhelp - dot - com website?  On that website there is a link to the forum everyone seems to be currently using. Pete McLaughlin is the moderator of that forum and the link is on his TROMhelp website.

If you want to talk with a live person I'm sure someone will make themselves available.  I am retired and devote much time to clearing.   If you feel like talking, my Skype ID is ATWTFG. I'm working through Level Three.

Level one TROM / Re: Some Notes on RI
« on: January 11, 2015, 06:29:18 pm »
Nevertheless, I had a very cathartic Level Two session two days ago.

Level one TROM / Basic RI Commands from Dennis Here
« on: January 09, 2015, 03:15:59 pm »
This is copied and pasted from Dennis' manual, "The Resolution of Mind ..."

Level 2 Commands:

a) Select a non-significant past scene.
(Masochists can select a significant one.)
b) Select an object from this scene.
c) Find an object in present time that is different from the past object.
(NOTE:  A present time object that you can see with your eyes.)
d) How is it different?

Repeat c) and d) (it's permissible to use the same present time object over and over again if you wish) until no more change.   Then:

e) Find an object in present time (one you can see with your eyes) that is similar to the object in the past scene.
f) How is it similar?

Repeat e) and f) until no more change, then repeat c) and d).  Continue until both c) and d), and e) and f) produce no more change.

g) Select a new past object, either from the same past scene or a different one.
Repeat c) and d), then e) and f) with this new past object until no more change.

Continue the exercise, using more and more significant past objects, until no more change occurs with any past object you care to select. Now do the exercise with past persons. Select them one at a time, and complete the exercise with each person. Continue until no more change occurs with any past person you care to select.
As you do this exercise, and the compulsive games condition between you and your mind begins to break down, you’ll find that it becomes progressively easier to place the ‘then’ and ‘now’ objects side by side for comparison purposes, until you are quite easily able to view both the ‘then’ and ‘now’ objects simultaneously. You are learning to Timebreak.

Level one TROM / Re: Some Notes on RI
« on: January 09, 2015, 03:09:17 pm »
Hello, any advices I give are from a person with a quite compulsive mind so keep that in mind. I keep it simple and take one concept or scene or object and put it all around me.

Usually my mind immediately latches onto it and "change" occurs. Sometimes I wander off with my mind and then have to place the same thing around me again. I persist until no more change. Sometimes I check in by asking, "How does that _____________ seem to you now?"

Writing about it as I go really really helps me stay focused on the exercise.

I gave a few examples, hoping they would be helpful. I can bring anything into existence around me and it creates some sort of "change". That for me is things like scenes, somatics, emotions, thoughts.

I now don't go a day without doing RI because it keeps me so smoothed out. RI often takes a long time for me though - 3-4 hours sometimes. I hope your case is better than mine.   :)

Yes, addressing mis-emotion is the first stage of clearing and somewhat corresponds with Dennis' gradient levels, especially RI.   Then Lester goes beyond that and has one look at postulates.    That is where it really tries to emulate Trom.   Lester would have applauded Trom.

General Discussion / By Ouran: "Postulates: Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics"
« on: September 09, 2014, 06:28:46 pm »


0. Let's go way back in the past and way high on the tone scale (Filbert's, not Hubbard's). Beginning at the beginning is what we usually call "native state." This is truth with a capital T.

1. Just below native state is what we usually call "static." This is the singular beingness. It is what exists after native state declared "I am." At this level of the tone scale all theta is one being. That being is you, but it's also me! And everyone else too.

2. Below/after static are the results of static playing a beingness game with itself. The game is played as deliberately not-knowing itself in various locations. This creates multiple thetans -- us. You and me.

In the above, 0 is the only pure truth. It is the truth because it makes no postulates. Postulates are creative lies.

The first lie told (at 1, static) is "I am."
The second lie told (at 2, thetans) is "I am me."

Native State is no postulate and is the ultimate as-isness.
"I am" is a first postulate (which acts as a second postulate to Native State) and is the original as-isness.
"I am me" is a second postulate atop the first, and is the original alter-isness.

From a certain perspective it's all lies: all universes, all beingnesses, all games. But that's okay! Lies are fun. They are our creations.

I realize that someone who has read the "Phoenix Lectures" might think of the first postulate as the as-isness which achieves erasure, but that's only an apparency. It is Native State which achieves erasure of the first lie in any series (the as-isness) by inspection.

The truth is that any thetan is operating at all times everywhere on the scale, from top to bottom, from Native State to cold hard MEST. It is the processee operating at Native State (Sovereignty -- 400.0 ) while erasing in processing and meditation. It is the person operating at Static (Single Deity - 320.0 - Life That Is Not Being) who communicates with other persons (duplicates intentions) in a single "I am.". It is the person operating at what I call Thetans (Multiple Deity - 160.0  - Volition, Coexistence) who says "I am ME!" Below those highest levels are all the postulates, ideas, opinions, emotions, efforts, etc which any and every one of us create constantly.

So please understand that the idea of a person being at a particular tone is an apparency only. It's just not true. We often get ourselves trapped in viewing only a narrow range of the Expanded Tone Scale, and are unaware of most of it. But you can change that, expand your awareness to include the whole range. And when you hit the top or near it -- this stuff comes into view. All our lovable lies.


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