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Games Strategies / pan determined postulates
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:31:35 pm »
Are you using pan determined postulates?

Dennis make the point that when in playing games or interacting with others you and they are using self determined postulates to determine what you will do and you should create a pan-determined postulate and put it on your opponent to alter their self determined postulate.

For example, i recently was contacted by the state tax office to collect sales tax on an out of state purchase i had made and had shipped to my home address.
I realized that the sales tax code had just been changed so now the state was attempting to collect revenue from anyone who had made out of state purchases.
I responded to the agent that i did not recall what he was referring to so i would have to check my records and get back to him.  I then generated a pan determined postulate which i put out at his location that my purchase was so small that the tax was hardly worth his time and there were other, higher dollar amount purchases he could pursue.

He never called back.

So did my action cause him to give up? I don't know but i like to think it did.

Have any of you had similar experiences?

Pete McLaughlin

If you remove the word “at” then the games become the Most interesting thing which leaves you involved and upset. What you want to do is reduce the games importance to as low a point as possible.
If it was zero importance it would not exist for you. Since you were watching it, it is at least a little bit interesting so you can reduce your interest to that little bit.
The best course is to reduce your interest to zero and forget all about it.

Make judgement like.  Every being can make comparisons between things they perceive and decide or make judgements that one is more important than another or that something happened as evidenced by what they perceived.
So if you see a referee ignore a foul you can make a decision or judgement that the referee did not see what happened or was paid to look the other way or whatever. By deciding what happened you “as is” part of the event and can let go of the upset concerning what happened. It make take several reviews for you to completely let go of a very upsetting event.

Pete Mclaughlin

Level two TROM / Re: March 29 '18 Session Win with Level Two
« on: June 24, 2018, 02:51:39 pm »
This idea of getting “done” with TROM is odd to me. I view TROM is First Aid skills which i use as life throws emotionally charged stuff at me. I use timebreaking or RI as needed to let go of the charged games that regularly come up in life while trying to get along with others at work, or with the wife or children or with authority figures etc.
I do not see any need to get done with TROM on a need to get skillful at applying the techniques to myself and to others.

Pete McLaughlin

HI Karalee
Dennis uses the term Governor in the sense of a regulator on an engine. The governor prevents the engine from racing away at high speed which will result in damage to the engine.

Pete McLaughlin

If you identify with a player or the referee or one of the teams then you will of course react to the situation.

To remain at peace you need to be exterior to the game and all its sub-games.
You are just watching a contest between all parties INVOLVED so you see the multiple games going on but are not emotionally affected by who wins or loses.

It might help to think:
Who will care 100 years from now?
Who cares on the other side of the planet?
These are exterior very detached viewpoints so do not rouse emotional responses in these persons in remote locations in time or space.
Assume such a remote unaffected viewpoint yourself and just observe the multiple games being played. Team versus team is a game, player versus player within the game is another game, referee- was he bribed? Is another game.
Observe and file the information away as at the most interesting(you were watching so it was interesting to you) make judgements like: some people cheat, some referees get bribed or are blind or have taken sides etc.
Now carry on with life.
What are you doing that is important to you and your family and your community. Put your attention on those things.

Keep on TROMing
Pete McLaughlin

Level two TROM / Re: March 29 '18 Session Win with Level Two
« on: April 24, 2018, 11:23:40 am »
Nice win Karalee.


General Discussion / Mental Machines
« on: April 16, 2018, 04:42:06 pm »
Dennis talks about building mental machines to do things. A child will make an invisible friend to play with when he has a shortage of friends. Or he may imagine that his teddy bear talks with him.
Here is a YouTube video where Psychologist Jordan Peterson talks about how mental machines work and that when the are successful they generate a shot of dopamine which acts like a hit of **** to give you pleasure and that this reinforces the power of the mental machine over you. 
He incorrectly believes that mental machines can be opposed by new machines but not disassembled.  Dennis gives the method of disassembling mental machines by making many copies of the original machine.

Dr. Peterson talks about the mental machine starting at the 8 minute mark on this video.

Pete McLaughlin

Dennis introduces the teddy bear in 03 Expanding on Level 5 in the section The Playmate

General Discussion / Re: What if RE This Universe
« on: April 12, 2018, 05:38:50 pm »
What to do after level 5?
When you lose interest in playing games in this universe you can move on to other universes.  Since you are a very creative being, as we all are, you can create any universe you want and play in it. You can seek out another agreed upon reality that looks interesting to you and play there.
Check you the Ghost Danse articles on the tone scale:
He discusses perceiving reality which changes as you move up to the higher reaches of the tone scale.
One thought to consider is that alternate universes are not in some distant location, they are right here but you do not perceive them because your tone level is to low.
I am not in a hurry to get out of this universe. I have lots of work to do at level 5 and i do not do a rigorous application of Dennis’s level 5 tech. I instead let life throw up the situations i have emotional charge on and run time breaking on them as they appear.
This relaxed approach to clearing may take longer but gives me lots of practice recognizing when the reactive mind is throwing something at me so i can handle it with time breaking and not dramatizing the emotionally charged conflict.

General Discussion / Re: What if RE This Universe
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:20:28 pm »
Hi Karalee
 Why is there a need to have an end point.  Current theory in astrophysics is that this universe will last billions of years or may never end but will simply keep on expanding forever.
So there are unlimited numbers of planets for life to play games on and the death and rebirth cycle of bodies means we can keep playing the game of life over and over again while forgetting the last life so each time it feels like it is the first time.
This is a pretty good system to give each of us something to do or games to play for billions of years.
There is no need for it to have an end point.

Pete mclaughlin

General Discussion / Jordan Peterson Self Authoring Program
« on: March 19, 2018, 02:55:53 pm »
Jordan Peterson is a psychiatric and professor at the University of Toronto who has many popular videos on He also has a website called the Self Authoring Program were you can to open an account and answer specifics questions about yourself and what you could do to improve. You write essays that may take days to formulate and write down forcing you to carefully review your past.
The self authoring or writing about yourself is therapeutic much like TROM is. You should watch the YouTube video about the program as it functions like TROM to move you past upsets from your emotional mind to your Analytical mind as he shows in the introductory video.

Pete McLaughlin

Games Strategies / Violence generate by Game Strategy or Inequality
« on: March 18, 2018, 05:37:56 pm »
Dennis warns that it is very dangerous to disclose the game strategy of another.

When another game player is using a strategy to win the game and you come along and find out what it is or investigate what he is doing, or appear to be discovering what he is doing to win or disclose or be about to disclose what he is doing to win, that player will get violent and deal with you by some destructive method.
Hubbard called this the missed-missed-withhold.

If the player is down to his last game and losing will lose all his property or sanity or life his violence will be most deadly


It turns out that there is another cause for violence in mostly the males of a culture.  When you threaten the social status of another player and knock him down the scale of social status, the pecking order, he will respond violently. 

The greater the inequality between this player and other players or to state it another way if the player has already lost other games like having social status through a good job, or having a pretty wife, or a home. If he is down on his luck relative to the rest of the population and you threaten his remaining sense of self worth by making a disparaging remark, or taking away his girlfriend, or damaging his car he will respond violently as well. The closer he is to being on his last game where in losing he loses sanity or life the more violently he will respond.

The more someone is pushed to the brink the more violently they will respond to any attack.

Sun Tzu points this out in the Art Of War by calling this being on “Desperate Ground.”  When an army is surrounded and there is no escape and the enemy will not accept surrender the only alternative is to fight to the death. The good commander will tell his men they must fight or they will be killed by the enemy and the men will respond with their most heroic effort.

TROM experiences / Re: Doing RI Saved My Life Yesterday
« on: February 04, 2018, 06:52:37 am »
 :)well done Collleen!

Level five TROM / Re: Junior Goals Package - Want/Wanted
« on: January 27, 2018, 02:39:21 pm »
Hi mjh
I have not tried that particular package. however, you do have the option of trying it and seeing what happens.  If you get bogged down Dennis laid out how to get yourself out of difficulty with non life packages.

i find i can stick with the To Be Known package though i make it more real to me by changing it to:
forcing on another what they do not want
taking from another what they are unwilling to give
resisting another's attempt to take from me
resisting another's attempt to force on me what i do not want

with these definitions the To Be Known package bites and gets lots of charge to run off.

Pete McLaughlin

General Discussion / Re: The subject of reason + complementary postulates
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:02:04 am »
Where does this terminology “Waking state” Dream State” come from?

when operating in agreed upon reality the rules of gravity apply.  when you are imagining a scene you get to make any rules you want and flying around by flapping your arms is perfectly fine till you decide to apply the law of gravity.

increasing your ability to put your attention where you want it for as long as you want it there with no distractions because you have timebroken the distractions is what you want to achieve.  with practice you increase you ability do to this for longer periods of time.  when you can persist on a given task longer than others can you are an exceptional person.  you will never achieve machine like perfection at this because you are a self aware thinking being who likes the sensations generated in games play.  you will persist at a given task as long as necessary for survival then do something else for fun.

Level one TROM / Re: Perceptive RI for One Hour?
« on: January 02, 2018, 11:36:04 am »
Balance means those processes that are left or that were not mentioned.

What is the nature of physical reality? Good question. Hubbard calls it an agreed upon reality which would mean that you and someone else worked together to create it. Dennis states that the matter in this universe is mostly generated as the byproduct of games play therefor not created by anyone. However the objects in your hotel room were fashioned by someone into the shapes you see.
So the next question is are you perceiving what is “actually” there or is the room you see different from the room I would see if i was there so it is a subjective reality.
I haven’t found a test that could verify if apparent reality was the same as some “actual” reality.

I have no talent or inclination to be an auditor so no thanks i won’t monitor a session for pay.

The beauty of TROM is you are the Auditor and the skill you develop at doing it goes with you anywhere you are.

Does TROM work for you? Can you do RI for an hour creating some item that is interesting to you without any distractions being thrown at you by your reactive mind? 
If you can do RI with absolutely machine like perfect execution then you have achieved the condition of no change. If however you get bored with creating apples all around you and must switch to something else or fall into a coma then you still have room for improvement in doing TROM.

The goal with TROM processes is to increase you ability to focus your attention on what you are doing now from 5 minutes at a streach to 10 minutes at a streach without having something distract you.  It’s about your ability to persist on a given course despite difficulty.


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