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General Discussion / Re: Peter
« on: April 05, 2020, 11:51:56 pm »
Hello Karalee,

Thank you for the update. It is good to know that all is well with Peter. All of us here owe him so much for having made Dennis Stephens work more readily available. There is no way that I can fully express my gratitude for what he has done.


General Discussion / Peter
« on: April 04, 2020, 10:32:41 pm »
Hello All,

It appears that Peter McLaughlin is incommunicado. Does anyone know if he is still with us?


General Discussion / Re: Piezoelectric Augmentation
« on: February 13, 2020, 09:31:48 pm »
Hello Trom Fan,

I process by personal indicators, abreaction being one of the most important.

As Dennis has indicated, using an e-meter is much too slow and cumbersome for higher level work.

It has been decades since I have owned an e-meter and when I started Trom I made the decision to follow Dennis’s instructions as exactly as possible.


General Discussion / Piezoelectric Augmentation
« on: February 09, 2020, 12:12:54 pm »
Piezoelectric Augmentation

Apparently, I have found a way to get more charge reduction per session by using piezoelectric augmentation.
Dr. Norman Shealy is a neurosurgeon and Dr. of psychology who has spent decades of research in the use of acupuncture and electrotherapy for pain control. He holds 11 patents for electro-medical devices and was the inventor of the TENS device.

Dr. Shealy believes that wearing a pouch over the chest containing shattered sapphire interacts with the energy body in such a way that coronary bypass surgery would never be necessary.

The last few years I have had the occasional odd beat, so I decided to try the sapphire pouch which Dr. Shealy sells for $67.15 at this website:

Wearing the pouch at least a few hours each day did eliminate the odd beat; however, more interestingly, when I forgot to take it off before going into session I found that it had other effects as well.

I have hesitated posting about this because I think that it could be a distraction for someone who is not yet on level 5 or who is having trouble running smoothly with the must be known postulate group. I was 200 session hours into level 5 and running smoothly when the discovery was made 6 months ago. Since that time, I have used it in over 100 session hours with benefit in each session.

The method that I use is as follows. The session is started without the sapphire pouch. Repair of importance is run, then the day’s events repaired, and then the appropriate postulate pair is run until end phenomena. Repair of importance is run and then the sapphire pouch is placed around the neck and more repair of importance is run. Next the same postulate pair that was run earlier is put back up and rerun to end point followed by repair of importance.

For me this procedure invariably allows me to get more charge off the postulate pair than was achieved in the first part of the session, sometimes much more charge.

This has worked for me. If it works for any of you, please post about your experience.


Read TROM here / Re: TROM for Non-Scientologists Part Two
« on: March 23, 2019, 10:29:06 pm »
This was needed and is well done.
For some time, I have been concerned that TROM might appear to a non-Scientologist as incomprehensible gibberish.
There is a glossary in each of the books, but Scientology jargon and concepts permeate the material due to its origin. Combining that with the introduction of TROM concepts and the result is a very steep gradient and an invitation to discouragement.
It was good of you to take upon yourself the task of smoothing the way for a newbie who does not have a background in Scientology.

Case studies / Re: Case Studies
« on: October 29, 2018, 08:53:29 pm »
Hello David,

Thank you for responding to my post.

You are probably correct concerning the lack of success stories. Once a thing is handled with TROM it is gone. There is no further interest and it is time to move on.

Nevertheless, it is probably a good idea to leave some evidence of passage through the levels in order to give encouragement and hope to those who follow. It lets them that TROM is doable and is being done.

It is very telling that you find TROM worth the while after having done Scientology all the way through level OT5. That supports my view that the upper levels of Scientology were greatly over-hyped by both LRH and the church. TROM delivers solid results without the hype.

Going around the track, 1A to 8B, on level5 has been full of surprises, cognitions and treasured experiences, each time around the circuit. The TROM processes are incredibly simple and productive.

I agree that there are many gains to be had from applying TROM theory to life. Currently I am rereading all the Peter McLaughlin books in order to increase my ability to look at the world from Dennis Stephens’ viewpoint.

Thank you for mentioning your experience with the Unstacking Procedure. I did see that in one of the books. I will go back and take another look at that.


Case studies / Case Studies
« on: October 02, 2018, 01:27:43 pm »
This forum is far too quiet. Where are the conversations about TROM experiences, the testimonials about case gains with TROM?
To give the conversation a nudge, I will give my own experiences and testimonial.

Here is a bit of personal background. Between 1968 and 1978 I took Church of $ services in Seattle and Los Angeles. In Seattle I went through level 4 triple flows, and at ASHO in LA I received Power Processing. In Seattle I also trained as a Dianetic auditor.

In 1977 I was on lines at Celebrity Center and given a great deal of Dianetic auditing during which time I became a Dianetic Clear.

It became increasingly obvious that both the Church of $ and LRH were running off the rails. Consequently, I gave up my goal of doing the OT sections and moved on with my life.

Last year due to aging issues and the accumulated corundum of life, I felt in need of a tune-up, but subjecting myself to the tender mercies of the Church of $ was out of the question. Instead, I went online to see if I could find something that would allow me to do solo auditing.

The TROM Manual was very interesting. The theory was elegant, and the methodology appeared to be doable although level 5 appeared a bit intimidating. However, I was put off by the fact that there was so little online presence. Where were the hundreds of success stories praising the workability and efficaciousness of TROM? Where was the present time chatter about how it was changing lives? What I did find was negative comments about how TROM really could not successfully be done solo.

At this point I might have moved on to something else, but fortunately I found the Pete McLaughlin books on Amazon and bought them all. After reading the books and listening to some of the material on the TROM Help website, I felt more confident about at least giving it a try.

Additionally there was no solicitation of funds or services for sale on the TROM Help website. No Auditor was necessary and not even an E-meter was necessary. These things taken together informed my decision to proceed with TROM.

On November 15th, 2017, I did the first session on level 2, being careful to follow instructions exactly.

Level 2 took a total session time of 27 session hours with an average session length of 53 minutes.

Level 3 was completed in 29 session hours with an average session of 51 minutes.

Level 4 took 27 hours with a session length of 43 minutes.

Currently I am 100 session hours into level 5 with an average session length of just under 38 minutes. The To Know goals package is still running well and lots of charge is gotten off in each session.

All this has been accomplished in just under 12 months of consistent application.

I have not had a single problem running the processes and what processes they are. Repair of Importance by itself would be of great benefit. Together with the other processes it is dynamite. These processes are very aggressive and consequently very beneficial.

In doing levels 2 and 3 I encountered some highly charged pictures that had been encountered earlier when doing Dianetics. These were probably groupers that had become restimulated. TROM resolved these quite easily. Also handled was a major problem area that Scientology auditing never touched.

When first reviewing the TROM materials, the upper levels appeared to be complex and a bit confusing. I made the decision to take it one level at a time in the hope that all would become clear as I advanced up the levels, It was the correct decision, and I recommend not reading or thinking too much about the levels above the one currently being worked on. It really does become much clearer as one moves up the levels.

Doing levels 2 and 3 I noticed that my ability to create and manipulate mental images was much improved by doing the RI exercises. One of Dennis Stephens’ goals with RI was to rehabilitate the ability to be at creative cause. After all, we created our way into the present situation. With the ability to create rehabilitated, perhaps we can create our way back out.

At least half of the gains that I have experienced thus far have come from doing RI. About a third of each session is devoted to doing RI and I cannot stress enough how important it is to do sufficient RI. It is what enables the other processes to work.

Now that I am 100 session hours into level 5, doing a couple of minutes RI at the start of session will cause me to exteriorize from my bank so that the sessions are run while exteriorized. This started towards the end of level 4 and has become much more pronounced the further I go on level 5.

Also, the longer I work with level 5, the more I start to comprehend the ramifications and importance of the material. Denis Stephens' accomplishments are awesome.

In closing I will add one last thing. Do not be afraid to do TROM. It is very gentle. In the last year I have proven that with TROM even a 76-year-old dog can learn a new trick.

I am truly grateful to Denis Stephens for having developed TROM, but I am also very grateful to Pete McLaughlin for having made it more accessible. Without the TROM books I would never have experienced TROM or been able to fulfill my earlier dream of doing the OT sections.

HI Karalee,

RI works on many levels. As Dennis Stephens said, it can not be run too much, but it can definitely be run too little.

RI takes up about 1/3 of session time for me. If I feel the least bit fuzzy during session I run RI. It makes things run smoothly and even brings up and presents material to be run.

RI also can work as an exteriorisation process. It is the heart of the TROM system.

For anyone having any difficulty running TROM, sufficient RI could very will resolve the problem.

Don’t take the flywheel analogy too literally. It only describes one of the many aspects of RI.



What I had in mind was a store of kinetic energy. If RI is run frequently, good and constant momentum is maintained in session and in case gain.

Regards ,

Hello All,

Yes RI is a Havingness process, but it is also much more than that.
Yes RI functions like the governor on an engine, but is more than that as well.
It also acts like a fly wheel and it is important to give it a spin frequently to keep the momentum going smoothly.


General Discussion / Re: Who is using trom these days ?
« on: March 03, 2018, 10:56:08 pm »
Hello Yaroslov,

Mid-October of last year I started on Level 2. Presently I am part way through Level 4.

My advice is to follow instructions exactly. Read and reread the material to develop the fullest possible

understanding. Dennis Stephen’s processes are fantastically effective. Do them daily and the

results accumulate.


Level two TROM / Re: Wins - do they ever happen?
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:46:25 pm »

Get the small things right, pay attention to detail and the big things will take care of themselves. If your sessions are not productive, try rereading everything that Dennis has to say about Repair of Importance and Level Two. Sometimes rereading material after practical application will give a different or expanded understanding. Do the sessions exactly as Dennis recommends.

As to “wins”, yours may be very different from mine as we each of us bring different life experiences to the situation. To some extent the feast we enjoy depends upon what we bring to the table. I will say that if you continue with TROM you had better get used to the idea of spending a lot more time being happy.


Level two TROM / Re: Wins - do they ever happen?
« on: February 15, 2018, 04:14:30 pm »

Every session should be a win. If you are not feeling better at the end of each session then when you started the session then something is not happening during the session that should be happening.

Are you running sufficient RI? You should feel very good and alert after each time that you run RI. When I did Level two I needed to spend twice as much time doing RI as I did running the process. For example I might spend 15 minutes doing RI at the start of the session, 15 minutes doing the Level two process and another 15 minutes doing RI at the end of the session.


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