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Level two TROM / Re: March 29 '18 Session Win with Level Two
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:30:31 am »
Wow nice post :-))

I'm a newbie here, although I have done a lot of level 2 a few years ago.

I got discouraged with how much time it was taking.

I had thought that everyone had lost interest in TROM at that time.

Then to my delight I see there are at least a few people running the tech since Dennis passed away.

That's quite a while so we should have some interesting data available.

I'm wanting to start back up again.

Would anyone here be so kind as to say roughly how long it took to run each level?

That might help me a lot in regards to motivation for example.

Also whether you had any previous Scio or Freezone scio experience, and whether you felt that had an impact on time spent.

Any advice in this regard would be much appreciated



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