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Level one TROM / Re: Mental Masses resolve scarcity of importances
« on: October 14, 2019, 05:30:58 pm »
all mass has weight , mental weight is physical wight too .

Taking weight off can give one a sensation of loss and the need to restore the weight . Especially when allot of weight is vanished .

Weight is weight. It's the same weight we see weightlifters workout with but it's less density weight of the mind.

Touching weights and solids helps a little but the weight must match or ber very close to the weight removed. The results of not enough weight will result in the hault of progress. 

Continue any exercise until no more change and run RI , if still not flat and still no change no matter where you proceed, it because the RI has not been topped off .

 it so sad to see so many grasping at anything in desperation .

  Trom will ONLY produce results for half who try.
  For the half of us who are able to get results, the lower half will get almost none and the upper
  half at the top of the spectrum will get huge incredible results.

  Its doesnt matter if is scientology , or trom or any other kind of self help and/or daily religion or practice. Football, card games, what ever.

 The fabric of nature is in control and the law of average is unyielding to individual desire. If this were not the case, everything would work perfectly for everyone who desires anything and that's just not the case.

I've seen so many come and go since the late 90's , Asking the same questions about TROM.
Then never hear from them again .

It's probably better this way . Its when I see others here who have been here using TROM for years and years and getting all but no results or benefit.

When I see threads like these where they've gotten so far off track that they try to alter it in some way to make it fit their preference only to make is worse than it already is for them , I can relate. 

They slide off sideways and use some other kind of pricatice with TROM outside the games manual in hopes of making it work somehow.

These are the upper 50 % that trom works for but the lower of the top 50% that works almost not at all . Just enough. to keep them struggling .

 Then there's the  " I want proof that trom works !!! or i'm leaving  ".

  They are better off leaving. It's not gonna work and they don't " get it  "

  Knowing the COS, I would not put it past them  in their desperation to make a fast buck off the backs of hard working kind people, to plant disinformation staff members on this forum here and on the former list to discredit TROM covertly .  FOR YEARS ! This is exactly how they'd do it too.
" it works but not for me, but not that much , maybe for you and maybe not ". A thousand small cuts over time will kill anything off.  " They hate people who hate them and discredit them so they do the same in return . The overt motivator sequence is real no matter who you are and they use it like a weapon.

  Especially with COS trash talkers like me who consider them repulsive and the lowest of the lowest despicable organization we will ever see in modern history . A criminal organization in the fullest sense of the word.

   They were expecting me before I got here,  so I was told by their leader. Im here,  and they cant do anything about it . They don't have and will never have that ability . They aren't fast enough to catch me.

Trom Graphs and Pictures / Re: Tone scale and the postulates added
« on: October 12, 2019, 10:53:06 am »
you won't find any of the  8 colors on their own .

you won't find any of the 8 levels of the PFFC on its own either .
Its all eight or nothing at all

I use white for clear because you cant see clear so we always use white. Everything comes from white ( aka clear ) just like all goals lead to the goal to know and come from the goal to know.

All numbers come from the number 1 and lead to the number 1

All things start at 0 and end in 0

0 represents life as a spiritual being who created the number 1

Trom Graphs and Pictures / Re: Tone scale and the postulates added
« on: October 12, 2019, 10:24:31 am »
The white to black polarity makes the best tone scale . Its 100 % all natural .

white is flat and has no density
Black is its opposite pole and has total 360 degree spherical density

They flip poles in the center between red and yellow like the PFCC flips between 4 and 5

The upper four are positive poles and the lower 4 are the Neg poles. Its a spectrum from top to bottem .

Trom Graphs and Pictures / DHS
« on: October 12, 2019, 10:14:11 am »
 Big D

COS  = freedom factory for profit and tax shelter.
Compulsive hypnotised Money hoarding and slave driving rat bastards. 

carrot and stick tactics with a little blackmail .

They sell freedom to anyone who will buy it while making them feel privileged to get any attention from them at all. The more money you have the more they will demand . If you don't pay , you're out until you do .  I saw this about 6 months after I started on Staff and got out fast.
THE COS was one of the first things I timebroke out of my mind. Its only took a few tries and it was all gone.

Yes they have some juicy TECH but when you see the whole context of what they are doing . The juicy tech is the carrot they dangle on one hand while they dip into you wallet with their other hand and for most of them , they are willing to give it all up and live a life of poverty and self sacrifice thinking it will get better when they get up to the OT levels . A bigger carrot than is confidential and a mystery like the sunshine RD. TOTAL RIP OFF

It's all a rip off sprinkled with juicy treats . It's a con and a scam .

KSW is garbage . Its KSRipping people off who are suffering from mental mass conditions and ae willing to pay anything for relief. 
Its thee most heinous crimes to humanity you can do . The exploitation of innocent people who only want some relief but get nothing of real value in return except .

KS in the trash can and bury it 6 feet under. They stink .

General Discussion / Re: What exactly is a game?
« on: October 11, 2019, 11:26:21 am »
there is only  " the 1 " and the 1 is THEE only siritual being that exists anywhere and everywhere.

The 1 has the ability to consider itself as many seperated spiritual beings that are   " not self "

or  "others " ( same difference )

self and others are the same spiritual being  "the 1 "

Playing games are fun  but playing games against and with self is dull . Others were brought into existence to play game with and have fun.

In order to have others life goes into a  not know condition that it is both self and others and considers itself either self or others but not both. The 1 goes to great lengths to convince itself that there are "others " and that self is not "others "

If you play a game that involves self and others like a game of chess , and you know you are playing both sides of the board as  "self and as the other" its just as dull and no fun.

THEREFOR life, the 1 , MUST actually convince itself that it is not "others "

Once you have the self others cognition, that's it . there is no going back . But it doesn't mean you can never have fun again. There's still a lot of fun to be had as a human and as  " the 1 "

When the body dies, the body's soul does not leave the body
When the body dies, the body leaves the soul and that soul is the 1. It's the only soul there is .

When the body dies, all of its memory dies with it .
The 1 never dies. It lives on through all the other life forms as  "others "

Look at  "the 1" as a tree. The tree has many vibrant leafs growing on the tree and each have a name , Some different and some the same.

When Colleens  BIO body form  dies, it drops off the tree and becomes part of the earth ( geo ) non life form .

All of her memories die with her as if she was never born but the tree goes on to live through Pete or Jurgen or Davids leafs.

New leafs are born and lived through as old leafs fall off and become GEO

It's always BIO + towards GEO-
life towards death and up towards down ( gravity )

I hope this helps you get to the top of Level 5 sooner than later.
We can make sense out of life . The state of confusion facilitates convincing self others duality
The sate of understanding facilitates unity and 1ness with all life.

You need not vanish the mind completely to have completed L5.  The body can not exist without its mind and the mind cannot exist without a body .

Vanish as much mental mass as possible without losing your ability to have fun in life. It's the beat you will ever be able to do  .

Being unified with everything and everyone wont work all of the time . Living in duality as self and others also doesn't work . Games become compulsive and no fun .

Its unity and duality then unity and duality . Its self , and self /others and self and self /others.

When L5 goes flat and produces no more change , its done. You'll look at the PFCC and ask is it flat  ? you'll have your answer . If yes , you're done , if no , its not.

Have a nice day  :  )

General Discussion / Re: Who is using trom these days ?
« on: October 11, 2019, 10:11:17 am »
its needs balance.

The process puts you in a box surrounded by 6 sides  ( aka 3 dimensional box )

It needs polarity balance.

1 Create something and put it above you
2 Create something and put it below you
3 Create something and put it to the left of you
4 Create something and put it to the right of you
5 Create something and put it in front of you
6 Create something and put it behind you.
Continue the process until it produces no change or to a cognition.

Create something and put it inside you to the :

7 left
8 right
9 top
10 bottom
11 front
12 back

13  put yourself inside the creation
14  put yourself outside the creation

Repeat 1-14 around and around

repeat until no more change or a cognition .

If you go exterior while in progress, it's STILL producing a change . CONTINUE until the exterior / interior state produces no more change and you've run it all nice , smooth and FLAT.

 Hold onto or put some solid matter in both hands with at least 10lbs

Mental mass has a less density than a barbell or brick but both are the same in terms of mass.

The mind and body are two poles of the same item like up/down or male.female.  Weight is weight, mental weight or physical , they are the exact same difference. The weight of the mind is only different in that is has less density than the body .

OUR skeletal bones ARE the solid core of the mind .

The outer surface of the mind has the least amount of density . As you travel inwards towards the bones, the density increases to a solid brittle condition . Our bones.

Use the white to black colors spectrum for a visual

0=life , the creator of 1-8

1 white no density no mass ( clear )
2 blue                              minds mental mass
3 green
4 red
5 yellow
6 magenta
7 cyan
8 black  solid core density and the bodies solid core bones .

As you travel inside , deeper into your body , the bones are as far as you can go.
Its a negative finite interior location called the 4th dimension.

when you get to the solid core and can go no further , you turn around and go back outwards towards the inside of the outer edge of the minds perimeter.

The back inside to its core , then back out to the inner perimeter.

ALWAYS run any process symmetrically .
NEVER run any process asymmetrically

If you go further than the mind/body core , you'll pop out of the body
if you go further than the mind/body outer surface, you'll pop out of the body

The X above denotes the sign of the  " torus ".

They are in perfect x/- balance.

we don't have a choice. The law of average will balance it out for us automatically to the same degree on average

its like a pendulum but with an average left right swing .

20 letfs 30 rights

25 lefts 75 rights

30 lefts 20 rights

75 lefts 25 rights

into infinity.....

if you flip a coin 1 trillion times it will land on heads and tails an equal amount of times on the average.

500 mill heads and 500 mill tails.

This law of average applies to everything and every one . ALL POLARITIS and everything has a polarity.

up down , left right .

Everything and everyone has a set of two poles  Both poles MUST balance out.

If you're happy 5 days in a row you will be unhappy to the same degree .

If you are a little happy you'll be a little unhappy to balance. You dont have a choice to be just one or the other.

It need not be 5/5  it can be 2/3 and 3/2 or any combination but it will always be 50/50

To win a game is fun and to lose a game is not fun

To win the game all the time is not fun
To lose the game all the time is not fun

Therefor , the only way to have fun is to do both lose and win 50% of the time.

Other technology about the mind / Re: What to do after TROM
« on: October 10, 2019, 07:30:36 pm »
 " One last word before we go into Level Five proper. Be sure you want to make the trip. There’s no going back, you know. Can you go back now and enjoy the games you played as a five year old? Once you walk this road you can’t get off it. My advice is to take someone with you, or you’ll soon be running a terrible scarcity of people to talk to about the really interesting things in life. If you don’t fancy yourself as a being with god-like abilities, on the other hand, then the top of Level Four is the place to quit. You are still more or less human, and Level Five will soon change all that. "

Trom Graphs and Pictures / PFCC regarding an effect
« on: October 10, 2019, 02:59:56 pm »
ALL overts are OVERWHELM
ALL motivators are OVERWHELMED

easy to correct

Other technology about the mind / Re: what is life ?
« on: October 10, 2019, 02:30:12 pm »
                                                                      Page 3.
                                                               The 5 dimensions

   There are only 5 dimensions in the torus universe. Time is not one of them . I know it says it is in the games manual but Dennis never resolved the dimensions. At least not before he finished writing his BOOK. He used the standard of Physics Definition and its flawed.

    Time is the negative pole of its positive origin called space. They are two poles of same item just like up is to down . Its an illusion and when the illusion is vanished, the reality of that ilusion is revealed and will collapse and resolve the instant you reveal it.  It was The games manual that help me resolve the illusion so its not a big mistake on his part. When we observe all space at once , the illusion of time will vanish and no time will elapse.  You'll find a reference to this in the games manual. I've read the book over a hundred times but I don't use memory or remember the way most people do anymore. Memories are STUCK mental mass impressions of the past. There are no future events in the memory storage area. . We can know the past better than we can by using memories of the past. You're better off knowing the past and future. The past is the negative pole of the Future. Its positive origin. It requires time to view a space from the start towards its finish . Time is shorter if you view the start to finish fast and time is longer if you view the start to finish slower. Viewing the whole item or space between start and finish vanishes time completely for the illusion it is . Space will vanish with it because you must have both poles of an item in order for it to exist and there aren't any exceptions to this rule.

So onto the real 5 dimensions of energy matter space and time.

It's going to start fairly simple and become a little more complicated as I explain using multiplication. Simple is easy to understand and know. Complicated is the negative pole of simple and it's NOT easy to understand or know. You'll understand the 3 spatial and 2 dimensional dimensions ok byt eh crop formation images may not be as easy . Don't worry . You can always return to this page later and it will make more sense when you do .

  My mathematical explanations using the crop formations as visual examples give me some credibility, almost as if I were the one making the crop formations .

  I'm still going to use universal +/- language to describe the 5 dimensions. There's no other way to do it as you will notice after reading it .

the 1st dimension is the positive dimension from which all other dimensions are formed. Its 100 percent pure positive source energy as as clear as clear can get . I'm using white because we cant see clear but we can see white in the color spectrum as a whole )

Other technology about the mind / Page 2 the Torus
« on: October 10, 2019, 09:39:21 am »
                                                                 page 2
                                                             The TORUS

The horn Torus is a 5 dimensional version of the white / black YY symbol. The TAIJITU or TAIJI. The black and white symbol is missing the 3rd dimension . Its collapsed and has no tinted colors and no motion . Just black and white and fixed in place in a 360 degree circle.

  The same Torus above and in my avatar demonstrates  all 5 dimensions with all primary positive and negative colors in motion except for BLACK. It's the same as the White and Black YY symbol with all 5 dimensions in view and in motion .
  If you look closely , you'll notice BLACK is stationary and there's a central area that is clear or transparent in the center and has no tinted colors.   

   There are 8 in total,  White( aka clear) blue, green, red, yellow, magenta , cyan and black . Since we cannot see clear , we use the background color of white as its representation for "clear " CLEAR is the positive host for all other Positive and negative colors. ( more on this latter in the color spectrum section on page 3

  ( CLEAR ) white , blue , green ,red, yellow, agenta , cyan and black. = 8

 There are no curved lines in the above TORUS. EVERY curved line we see is an illusion. Not just with the above Torus computer GIF, but everything in life. EVERYTHING we see and feel , has 6 sides at 60 degree angles which generates a 360 degree illusion. We don't see white . We only see the absence of color in "white "

  The Torus as a whole only moves in a single direction and every single direction in motion generates every other opposing direction and motion.  In other words, every single line you see is moving in an opposite direction to every other single line at the exact same time in space. It's a space and time generator with a positive energy host that generates solid matter and its in everything and everyone no matter how large or small. ENERGY is created and everything else is Generated. Everything we see , feel, taste . smell and hear is generated from a positive CREATED source.
    A Line is one of 6 straight lines , joined at 60 degree angles to all other lines . 6 x 60 = 360 degrees forming a hexagram .

  The upper vortex represents the white dot on the YY symbol and the lower vortex represents the black dot in the YY symbol. White is + and black is Neg. NEGRO means black in the dictionary.

  The black pole of a car battery is neg and its pos pole red.  Current flows from red towards black and black is used as the common pole . Lighting is white and earth ground is it neg pole. Lighting strikes in both directions . Up towards black " cosmos "and down towards earth ground.

The positulate failure cycle chart regarding an effect reveals the Torus with its center point between levels 4 and 5 where the valence shift occurs on the chart .

The colors of the Torus are as follows :

1.WHITE ( clear )

----------------valence shift between 4 and 5 on the PFCC


1-4 are clockwise motions and 5-8 are counter clockwise motions

( but wait , you said black is stationary and has no motion. )

  I did and it stands true . The Negative leg of positive energy has no motion .
We are not using colors as density in this example. Colors represent many different things and are used in many different ways to describe life and games play, polarity, temperature, sounds , tastes, smells EVERYTHING. The colors are absolutes and apply to everything and every one . Up and down are represented as white and black . Peace and war is represented by white and black . Moving and stationary is represented as white and black . Rare and dense, = white and black . Instant and stop.

  The clockwise and counterclockwise do not travel or move in separated directions. Its one contioniouse single line that moves in a figure 8 motion known as infinity. If you draw a figure 8 on paper , you start the line at the top and move the pencil clockwise , down ,

 Then counterclockwise, down, Then CC , up and finally clockwise, Up to the top.  The person or persons who have the goal to know is the same person or persons who create the goal to know. Its starts at the top and ends at the top.

  The COS imitation crop circle has a Torus shape too . It's a man made formation and easy to see its huge imperfections.  It's a perfect representation of the COS' imperfections. Its where they store all their " precious freedom factory materials ". underground. They deserve a proper burial too. The deeper the better. It needs a RIP solid black tombstone to make it complete.

The Torus has 8 colors .

white blue green red are 1-4 and all positive.
Yellow, magenta, cyan and black and 5-8 all negatives.

1-4 are the positive motions and 5 -8 are its negative motions.

We use "white " as mentioned above to represent CLEAR because we cant see clear. We can only see objects of matter around or within it .

We can see the positive colors of the Torus in the clear air, white clouds, blue skies, green plantlife and red LAVA.

We can see all opposing motions of the TORUS in the way our Human and animal life forms as well.

  If you google " happy people " on google, goto images and you'll see the TORUS shape come to life .  goto google/ images/ enter  "happy people " and press enter.
   Switch to "angry people" images and you see  a lot of very stiff faces and solidity in their body and fingers. It's a stuck sensation in contrast to a pleasant fluid sensation of being in the state of happiness. WIDE OPEN round mouths. The vibe feels as negative as it looks.

The Torus moves in all opposite directions all at the same time and in a single direction that forms a single figure 8 .

When we walk or run , our left and right arms move in opposite direction to each other and our legs move in opposite directions to each other and our arms and legs all move in opposite directions to each other. EXACTLY like the Torus.

If you we to stand at the equator between the north and south , you'll see the stars in the night sky move in a counter clockwise direction in the north and Counter Clockwise to the south of you . I'm going to use CW and CCW for these two directions from now on .

  If we raise our arms above our heads in a V, pattern and walk this way , you'll still be able to observe a CC and CCW set of opposite motions . Its actually a twisting motion like wringing out water with both hands from a wet washcloth.

  The upper vortex is the positive vortex and the lower vortex is its negative vortex.

  Our arms represent the upper and our legs the lower. Our heads which have all 5 senses represent POLARIS. The northern star that is CONSTANT. When we walk or run , our head doesnt twist . Its also constant.

When we move in a forward direction , we move fast or slow and oppositely symmetric and very efficient and positive.

When we walk or run in a backwards motion its awkward and clumsy , inefficient and negative.

Every THING without any exceptions has signs of the shape of a TORUS. The human heart , a butterfly and many others. Even the smallest particle has this shape. We see it in Galaxies in the cosmos too .

We see the spiral in the hair patterns on the tops of our heads.

Star trails time lapse with polaris in its center top

The difference between the northern startrails and the southern Star Trails are the star locations and the southern cross in the south center with Polaris in the north center and they rotate in opposite directions.

 They also have no parallax over time. They don't ever change locations. Only the Sun moon and planets change.

The being at (1) is in opposition to (4), whom he is endeavoring to convince that the effect should be known; (4) on the other hand, is doing a ‘Mustn’t Know’ on the effect, and his PD postulate is ‘Mustn’t be Known’ but he's overwhelmed.

1( randall ) is at the origin and 4 is at the receipt

enjoy hahaha

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