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General Discussion / Re: The ego thing
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:28:08 pm »

From one old ape to another old ape you hit the ape right on the head  :-)

The writings in the Tao Te Ching help me a lot with old ape ego issues   :)

Dennis did talk about "the joy of competency" and I do seek competency even at this old age :-)

For example, in ape society it is the elder ape that knows what herbs do what, and it is in the nature of young apes to mimic and have a data hunger until they too become knowledgeable.   Some children have a better relationship with the grand parent than with their own parents.

The old ape, to be worth its salt, needs to have wisdom, competency, patience, and compassion.... I've learned a lot on contemplating on the writings of the Tao Te Ching.

General Discussion / Re: Questions about TROM
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:15:01 pm »
forgive me for being repetitive, and regarding the running of RI, my latest practice is to look at my collection of photos on my hard drive and one by one put them all around me, visualizing the object or scene all around me as best I can.  This always initially produces yawns or some indication of released energy, and then the mind goes quiet and calm and then I have different ways that I create "another". It could be someone I already know or it could be a generic person, such as a cake baker or a Japanese gardener, etc.

If it is a person I already know I try to visualize all around me something that I think I know they would like to create themselves. Sometimes it is something I want them to create (for my pleasure).

General Discussion / Re: good and bad
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:07:16 pm »
That's a very innovative way to get your toes wet with running the Postulate Failure Chart and I shall give it a run that way too.  Yes level four packs a punch, hehehe :-) it might be addressing and undoing one of the basic implanting methods.

Have you ever tried running Level Four?

Have you ever tried running the code of ethics, as in "Get the idea of forcing someone to know a thing against their choice?" and timebreaking whatever comes up for that day?

Re your question.  If I were being the "To Know" side of the game then my most restimulative opposer would be someone being "not be known". Of course we have a lot more in common than we can admit in order to keep the game running.

Lester Levenson went into what he called the "Causal Realm" after getting up to running out Separation and Oneness. Would that be one of Dennis' Twin Impossibility Points (TIP or TIPM)?

Besides Dennis' correct opposers I also come up against what you call dualities - fixed dualities that need to be de-bugged. Doesn't Dennis call them Twin Impossibility Points?  I have plenty of those and initially it feels painful when I first contact them, so it is a relief to run them.

Yes, some Trommers are not associated with Scientology... this lifetime at least. Scientology in some form has been around for at least billions ... it was around during the time of what Ron called the OT3 incident.  Until now it seems it has always been doomed to defeat from without, and a half-baked failure from within... degraded into another - what Dennis calls - "freedom factory".  What if Ron knew it was just a red herring? Don't you just love those covert game strategies?  LOL 

Overall though I'm optimistic about seeing my cause and changing my mind towards complementary life-oriented goals - a renewed life for all :-)

General Discussion / Re: good and bad
« on: February 27, 2019, 07:39:13 am »
Hello, Joey :-)

I think I replied to MJH's recent post instead of yours on the subject of good and evil.

Personally I would not ask why is Jurgen - or anyone else - stalled on a level of trom.  I would only ask for myself, and my personal answer was even brought up by Dennis, only I don't think Dennis realized how subtle and prevalent it is.  That is the subject of brain damage or brain occlusions.  I am personally addressing that as part of my first dynamic condition handling - with great optimism and confidence - that is the level I am currently at - a very rudimentary and necessary undercut for myself.  However, I have mastered and frequently rely on the repair of importances practice, which has even saved me from death.

Dennis' second observation was the materialistic/narcissistic condition of "Man the materialist" (his quote)... when winning becomes so important that the other players are nothing more than pawns in a delusional big game.  The Apostle Paul is said to have said, "The love of money is the root of all evil", and Dennis said money is a substitute system for pure postulate power.

RE my practice of Trom, I came to the conclusion - after doing Level Three - that I quickied through Level Two, and have dropped back to level two, focusing on my fixation on colors and the sensations I get from them.

I'm not speaking of anyone but myself, asking what is dis-empowering me.

How can one complete any mind-bending practice if one cannot thinketh straight?

Oh, boy, yes!  And that's why we are here, taking out the trash. 

The mind can be a beautiful thing once the trash is taken out, especially in the "To Create" postulate sets, i.e., colors, line, form, shapes, textures - attachments and aversions.

Aaaahhhh torture and murder - well it was okay after I went exterior, lol   :)

Other technology about the mind / Re: Radical Honesty
« on: July 17, 2018, 02:25:34 pm »
Some bosses can have a heart of gold and still be a micro-manager, but it sounds like manager's lack of trust is about some unresolved overts re not being trustworthyi, plus some prior motivators.  He's just key'ing in other's incidents re lack of trust, etc., sigh.

Level one TROM / Re: RI: Lemon Aid
« on: July 17, 2018, 02:12:11 pm »
Yes, the 360 practice makes a difference and I don't know why, but it produces massive yawns once I put it 360.

The problem is often I get sooooo relaxed I want to take a nap instead of moving into timebreaking.

Thank you. The link did work.

Do you think there might be a difference between a compulsive games player and a voluntary games player re this dual universe? 

There are some techs that specialize in helping one merge their dualities.

Dennis talks about equanimity, serenity, and the joy of competency.

Other technology about the mind / Re: Radical Honesty
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:22:28 am »
Cory, too bad you have to suppress how you feel about your boss.  Watch out for those covert game strategies.

BTW, did you know that "To Control" is actually a life goal, but it can degrade into non-life goals like to manipulate or to dominate or tyrannize.

I hope you get to blow off some energy re your boss so that he won't be able to make your life miserable at work.

The New Testament advice to early Christians was to speak the truth in love, and "brutally honest" sounds opposite, because of the adjective "brutal". My Trom twin is "carefully honest" with me (politely honest) because he has seen me blow a gasket at times until I saw my own overts and calmed down again.

How about instead of being brutal we first look for our own associated overts and motivators?

Other technology about the mind / Re: Enneagram
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:07:11 am »
Oh, OKAY.  It reminds me of the Meyers-Briggs data about personality types.
It is good for creative must-be-known'ers to study such things about others because they tend to want to not-know about others, depending upon their degree of compulsivity. Since they fear rejection it would do them well to study various systems of personality types so as to be better able to go complementary rather than suffer rejection, and risk taking another ride on the overt/motivator roller-coaster  :-)

Imo it means that two people who have opposing views collide and become contaminiated with one another if they communicate disagreement. Even if by means of communication one player decides to agree with the oppenents postulate anout something the original postulate he had then became contaminated or in other words it changed his original idea from one to another. For example, He loved bread but someone said there is arsenic in it and he doesn't like arsenic because its poison and thus his postuale changed and he doesnt eat bread because of the opponents view.

... or he decides to make his own bread with good flour made from ancient wheat grains, or he feels so much better not eating bread that he realizes better gut health because of it.... or he researches on i'net and finds out that millet bread is healthier and tastes just as good.  It is hard to box in a being who is in reality an unlimited eternal spiritual being and knows it; however I do see what you are saying can and does happen often. 

For example, if your spouse loves (must know) pepperoni pizza, and you know it is not healthy for the body, but they eat it all the time .... possibly sooner or later you will find yourself eating pepperoni pizza and even liking it (but maybe you take Oxy-Powder and your spouse does not) - is that what you mean?


What I had in mind was a store of kinetic energy. If RI is run frequently, good and constant momentum is maintained in session and in case gain.

Regards ,

Would you please describe that in more detail?  Could you give an example of this kinetic energy?  All I experience is
lots of yawning off of psychic energy - is that what you meant

Can you see the Must-Be-Known postulate at work here?

"People with this personality disorder commandeer the role of "life of the party." Interests and conversation will be self-focused. They often use physical appearance to draw attention to themselves. Emotional expression may be shallow and rapidly shifting. Their style of speech is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail. They may do well with jobs that value and require imagination and creativity but will probably have difficulty with tasks that demand logical or analytical thinking."

The must-be-known is so busy compulsively creating effects to be liked (inviting rejection) that they have little reserved mentality to actually know the "other".  Some clever or well-advised ones will use some system of analysis to know what effects are best to create,  The best to-be-known artist is intuitive, and competent with their tools, having no fixations (attachments or aversions) re aesthetic components, such as colors or sounds.

I think many You-Tube channel creators are must-be-known'ers and some are very well liked for their looks and charms and personality and chosen lifestyle.  They tend to be upset by "trolls" (usually telling them they are shallow or vapid, or ill dressed, etc.), and will often post a video talking about their trolls' remarks, dramatizing rejection by some "well meaning" must-not-know person who has to make themself known in order to loudly reject. 
Oh, dear oh dear oh dear oh dear when will it ever come to a resolution?

Plus more details in the article link above.  This article must have been written by a "Don't Want to Know You" person, lol!

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