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Level one TROM / RI: Lemon Aid
« on: February 24, 2014, 11:13:22 pm »
This is another working of RI

Bring a lemon into existence
Put it around you 360-degrees

Bring another lemon into existence
Put it around you 360-degrees

Keep doing that until no more change

[NOTE:  You can be as complicated or as simple
with lemons as you wish.  Some people feel that
if they change it a bit or a lot then they are assured
it is a present time creation.]

Have someone else do something with a lemon
Put that around you 360-degrees

Have someone else do something with a lemon
Put that around you 360-degrees

Do that until no more change.

NOTE:  Feeling suddenly high on yourself can
be considered to be a "change" imho.
Sometimes in the process of doing RI
I get high on myself and feel like I'm the
Source or the One.  If I continue with
RI I get to a peace and calmness or at
least acceptance.   I would say that
"Peace" is it -- there would be no more
change after Peace. 

No thoughts = Peace.

Ever hear anyone going around saying,
"I'm the Peace", yes, I'm the true Peace?

Continue doing this forever and always.

Especially do this when you find yourself starting
to think and compute about things.  As you
continue to do TROM or other clearing work your
current thinking patterns will become less and less

You will find that instead of indulging your thoughts
RI'ing a lemon puts everything into its proper

Why a lemon?  Because fruits represent
complementary postulates
(they want to be eaten and we like to eat them)
and I had some stuck attention on lemons.

NOTE:  When I RI'd my mother-in-law the best
I could do was see her purchase frozen lemon aide
and lemon meringue pie, because I was getting
into her viewpoint.   Another plus point for doing RI
is that we build up knowingness about others by being
the other.

This is why Dennis said doing RI can keep one from doing ghastly things to one's mother-in-law.
Once you can create from their viewpoint, you have more options for handling the situation.

General Discussion / Re: Problem with the third sentence of Theory
« on: February 24, 2014, 10:25:11 pm »
Hello Cory,

I think you have a valid question because you recall where Dennis said that the word "create" might be too charged for some people and so he gave two alternative RI commands?

The word "take" might also for some people be more charged than, say, the word "remove from".   He was removed from the room might sound less drastic than "he was taken from the room"

Hope that helps.

You are welcome.   It is good we have that realization.

General Discussion / Matrix Trilogy Decoded -- very pertinent to Trommers
« on: February 20, 2014, 05:10:53 pm »

Mark Passio speaks about causation and so does Dennis.

The electric spark is representative of sensation?

General Discussion / Re: Anyone have any suggestions...
« on: February 20, 2014, 01:24:41 pm »
Hello Cory,

This could be a good thing.   Although there are about 80 people on the NCN Trom list perhaps most of them are not actively doing the practices of TROM.
The people who are actively doing the practices of TROM are quite valuable in my eyes.   And also the people who have reached what one might call a higher state, closer to the Nirvana Dennis describes.

That is why I appreciate the heading you have for people to comment on their progress with TROM.   How is RI going for them, timebreaking?

For the rest of the people on the NCN Trom list -- well, what practices are they doing?   Have a heading for them to post about other practices?   I think you already have one.   You might want to point that out in a post to the NCN Trom list.

I would personally invite Ludo and Alberto to register for this forum because they balance out the mind chatter that tends to build up on lists, their egos largely diminished  :-)

I think we all have a postulate that people totally vanish their minds.   Dennis does have a good piece of work, more than most of us can realize.  It is simple, but not easy for compulsive experiencers.

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