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Level two TROM / Re: Why I did not want to anymore do Level Two (almost)
« Last post by Karalee on June 28, 2020, 11:55:16 pm »
Yes, Dennis was a well running PC too.  Of course - he was the reincarnation of Lao Tszu, the compiler of the Tao Te Ching - one of my favorite wisdom classics.

You set a stellar example for how to run the TROM practices and processes, thank you.
Level two TROM / Re: Why I did not want to anymore do Level Two (almost)
« Last post by Dmitry on June 28, 2020, 11:06:06 pm »
I think Dennis at first had that problem with Level Two and so he came up with the RI.

Dennis had 22 years of Scientology and Dianetics background, before he wrote TROM.

Yeah, the biggest no-no I'm usually guilty of is not running enough RI.

:) in my case, RI is always in first place. I do not do levels until all RI types and auxiliary exercises stop working.

Level two TROM / Re: Why I did not want to anymore do Level Two (almost)
« Last post by Karalee on June 28, 2020, 10:41:59 pm »
Hi there!  You are sooo right - great advices, thank you.  I think Dennis at first had that problem with Level Two and so he came up with the RI. Yes, one has to be really on the ball and stick to the plan, the instructions, before closing up shop or throwing in the towel.

Nowadays, I find that when I do RI to relieve a particular stressor, almost immediately similar scenes start running - first the motivators, and then the overts.  It's quite therapeutic, especially concerning 2D incidents with my husband as the current restimulator/lock. 

My particular case always runs from entry into this universe up to now, and backwards and forwards earlier similars to whatever is related to present time stressor restimulator lock. It's quite therapeutic.

Yeah, the biggest no-no I'm usually guilty of is not running enough RI.

I wish you much progress with your practices and resolving fixed postulates.
Level two TROM / Re: Why I did not want to anymore do Level Two (almost)
« Last post by Dmitry on June 28, 2020, 10:27:30 pm »
Hi, Karalee!

My method of not being overcharged by bank IS not to look at the bank for a long period of time.
I look at traumatic incident for a half a second. Then I check - have i got restimulation? If so, i do RI.
Also i trying to find out what space around my body or inside my body is full of streess and charge, and discharge this space, using RI, dynamic meditation, concentration on PT and Pilot's exercise: 1.1) LOOK AROUND AND NOTICE THINGS, SPOTTING PRECISE POINTS AND MOVING BRISKLY FROM ONE POINT TO THE NEXT.

You can find out, what space around you tells you, that you must feel yourself "scaredy cat". And you can clean this space using RI :)

Also you can choose less charged and less important object for L2 exercise.  A broken gradient can also cause this.

Good luck!
Level two TROM / Why I did not want to anymore do Level Two (almost)
« Last post by Karalee on June 16, 2020, 01:08:47 pm »

I started eagerly with Level Two and had results that pleased me, that it do its job; however one day while doing a Level Two session I happened to be seeing a tree in the backyard.  Suddenly I saw stacked up behind the tree hundreds of scenes of like kind and I was sorely shocked and dismayed that my condition was that bad - that I had never been seeing this tree alone in present time, and it had always been that tree and hundreds of facsimiles of trees. I do have a lot of restimulation re aspects of biospheres that needs to overall get resolved... a beautiful biosphere mock-up can be with the intention to trap a being into an aesthetic playing field.

Perhaps I did not priorly run enough RI?  Certainly ran a bunch after that stressful session. I never did run that session out to "no more change" - scaredy cat.

Level Two, as Dennis himself experienced, can initially be a ball breaker.  Best to get really good and thorough at running RI first in my experience, to keep your courage up, be in good health, and get to the resolution of a session.

Case studies / Life Changing Session with Robert DuCharme
« Last post by Karalee on June 14, 2020, 07:08:36 pm »
The background story is a near death childhood trauma(s) restimulated incident of resisting interiorization into this universe and some very non-life nasty postulates I made against what I perceived to be the creator of this universe, and at first from a known polarity of separation and oneness - both being the creator and being separate from the creator - and mightily struggling against what seemed to be inevitable separation.  I also perceived this wall of postulates between us and, from my studies of Trom I reckoned it was the whole set of "To Know" postulates that i could not then successfully deal with.

I previously had - with the help of another auditor - been chipping away at this barrier and looking at all the struggles and the hateful revenge postulates I made and seeing how that caused a lot of degradation for myself and my "others" down the track to present time. Nevertheless still not resolved to my satisfaction due to its complexity.

I contacted an auditor I had worked with previously, Robert DuCharme, and we got to work.  The end of the session I was in an exterior viewpoint looking from a distance at what I perceived to be the creator and its universe that it seemed to be so enamored with.  After that I felt much calmer to this day and moved uptone into strong interest regarding this creator.  Ran repair of importances before and at end of session.

In my prior auditing with Robert he helped me move from a sub-human condition into enjoying being a more simple human. and he showed me the power of using the six-directions - moving a scene around in six directions to get more clarification.

Level one TROM / RI Saves the Day
« Last post by Karalee on June 01, 2020, 09:44:04 pm »
I recently and suddenly dropped a chunk of fixated importances, plus the body is de-toxing and dropping non-life accumulated masses.  I did not jump on board immediately and repair this with enough RI and felt very bereft and "nothing to live for - no more compulsive need for sensation" until I realized what was going on: "Lady, you need to do some RI now"   lol.  Well, RI did the trick. 

I have "slideshow" on my monitor and kept putting those photos and pictures all around me, and it worked like a charm.  I'm weak at doing "another" because I already felt so much better... that shows how much I care  :)  however I will take requests, lol.

Many thanks to Ron, Dennis, Pete, and Corey, and all my auditors - all who helped me reach a decision point to learn to dance with the creator(s) of this universe after trillions running non-life goals against it.
General Discussion / Re: Peter
« Last post by Karalee on April 06, 2020, 03:28:41 am »
Ditto.  We just purchased two sets of the TROM books he put on Amazon, and have saved all the data available from the Tromhelp website.  What more do I need?  Nothing at this point - I have need of nothing more   :)
General Discussion / Re: Peter
« Last post by survivor on April 05, 2020, 11:51:56 pm »
Hello Karalee,

Thank you for the update. It is good to know that all is well with Peter. All of us here owe him so much for having made Dennis Stephens work more readily available. There is no way that I can fully express my gratitude for what he has done.

General Discussion / Re: Who is using trom these days ?
« Last post by Karalee on April 05, 2020, 01:05:04 am »
Thank you for thinking outside - ummmm - inside the box.   ;)

I've been using RI merely as a simple havingness process until the mind goes quiet and I can carry on with a session or a saner interaction with someone. It has worked to that extent - 360 degrees surround.
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