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Ethics / Re: Ethics
« Last post by TromFan on Today at 08:50:57 am »
The guy is kind of a know-best, and made extensive postings on his own tech years ago when I was more active.
He once sent me this wacky message saying he was so spiritually advanced that he could now know things that weren't brought into existence to be known. We know that is an act of futility in this universe.
I don't miss him.
I have a small team of people who give me feedback on my videos. After getting the confused responses, I removed it as a listed video.
Case studies / Re: Self Analysis after Level Three
« Last post by TromFan on Today at 08:46:22 am »
It's been quite some time since I posted that, and now that I am a more experienced TROMMER, I can't agree with you more.
Ethics / Re: Ethics
« Last post by JayDee on Today at 07:42:24 am »
So why has Slim aka L5grad aka guest62 left?
My bet is that the majority will stuck on 1:10 - "Start by creating smth in front of you".
The confusion will be like : What do you mean by "create"?  How to?
Also, the recorded confirmation isn't the real one so most likely wouldn't work even if the timing will be correct.
Don't consider it as a discouragement but more like a bug report.
Case studies / Re: Self Analysis after Level Three
« Last post by JayDee on Today at 06:22:33 am »
Don't consider it as critique or evaluation but more like an opinion:
From my point of view it looks like you are wavering from the course charted by DHS.
If you consider his technology to be complete and self sufficient one and feel the lack of importancies then you just do more ROI.
If you hold an opinion that ROI just can't supply you with enough importancies then you start squirelling.
Level one TROM / Get your friends doing level one by showing them this video
« Last post by TromFan on November 29, 2022, 03:55:40 am »

That is the most entry level, ready-for-the-public I can get.  Hope you like it and pass it on.
General Discussion / A question for EVERYONE
« Last post by TromFan on November 28, 2022, 07:16:35 pm »
OK, some of you already know I am doing a youtube channel. Not just some channel where I have a robot voice read the original book, or post up lectures by Dennis, I mean a real instructional channel that can clarify concepts a newbie would miss trying to understand TROM.  I know at least two people now who've tried reading TROM, gave up early on in the work, and are now telling me they understand it because of my videos.
So please, look over my channel, and let me know, what should I do next? What are you most curious about? What do you need help with most? What do you think the public should see on this channel?
Feel free to message me also. I can best be reached at

Read TROM here / Re: TROM
« Last post by Jur93n on November 26, 2022, 09:25:18 pm »
It seems Youtube can handle txt files without timing and it will process this to insert the timings. So actually the only thing needed is the txt files for each video and then they need to be uploaded for each video as 'no timing' text files for the captions.
You can see an example here: ""
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