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Read TROM here / Re: New download link for The Resolution of Mind
« Last post by Colleen on October 01, 2017, 06:49:44 am »
Dennis said something like - that which is rare and beautiful is of great value.  Thank you.
Read TROM here / Re: New download link for The Resolution of Mind
« Last post by David Cooke on September 30, 2017, 05:12:48 pm »
Hello Colleen, and thank you for drawing my attention to the dead link. I'd tweaked the file on my blog but forgot to change the link here.

The file is now at, and I've also updated it in my old post on this forum.
General Discussion / Re: Just getting started. Have some thoughts...
« Last post by Jman99 on September 29, 2017, 11:52:13 pm »
Hello, Jman, welcome to trom. I got onto this board rather late to see your messages. Where are you now with trom?  Would you like some help over skype or google chat?

Hey Colleen, I am absolutely nowhere with TROM. The book is poorly written, and left me with several questions, so I haven't been able to proceed. I would certainly be grateful for some assistance. I do have Skype. You can PM me on here, and maybe figure out a time to chat. Bye for now

Level one TROM / This Lazy Man's RI is working for me
« Last post by Colleen on September 29, 2017, 07:43:14 pm »
Creative Visualization for lazy people:

Step 1: Create a new "Pictures" folder called "Eye Candy".

Step 2: Copy and Paste your favorite photos of places, people, objects, foods you like, whatever is important to you then and now.

Step 3: Make some time and space to do this practice.

Step 4: Bring up the first photo or image - look at it, see it.

Step 5: Then put it all around you 360-degrees

Step 6: Stop once you feel relaxed and mind feels quiet and you feel "present".

If you felt something shift for you, then you are good to do this practice - good to go!!!

Note: I also pick on people in my life and imagine things that they might want to create, and I put that all around me too - it helps me relate to them better, and I likewise do that until the mind goes quiet and I feel more present.
Read TROM here / Re: New download link for The Resolution of Mind
« Last post by Colleen on September 29, 2017, 07:40:23 pm »
I've posted a new pdf file of Dennis Stephens' book The Resolution of Mind at

This certainly isn't meant to be a "Golden Age of TROM", but just one more place where interested people can download The Resolution of Mind, and in the hope that others will continue pass it on - in any medium, in English and other languages.  This pdf began as my working copy with the typos from earlier editions cleared up to make reading easier. I have also arranged the four addendum sections in chronological order, added a table of contents and used a typeface that I hope readers will find easy on the eyes.

Many thanks to Greg Pickering, and everyone else who have made The Resolution of Mind available in the public domain.

Hello, David. I am late in seeing this post. Do you have a new link?  Thank you.
TROM experiences / Results of Running Dennis' "To Handle" therapy
« Last post by Colleen on September 29, 2017, 07:38:13 pm »
My TROM partner helped me run Dennis' "To Handle" questions re both my parents. Worked real well too - exposed ongoing game strategies I picked up and acted out for the longest time. I'm very thankful for this line of questioning.
General Discussion / Re: The human ape thing
« Last post by Colleen on September 29, 2017, 07:17:16 pm »
In spiritual studies the human ape is a very lonely guy. So called "spiritual people" kind of drop this subject faster than a hot potato. And speaking about potatoes, I recall from the Philadelphia lectures that the great hubbard guy had an introduction that was too funny. He said something like this:
"This lecture will be about operating thetan. But the fact is there aren't any operating thetans around any more. I can only see operating GEs". (laughter in the audience)
And then the guy went on to lecture them about the troubles of spirits (thetans), ignoring the fact that his audience were apes.

GE = genetic entity, the being that runs the body, not the spirit.
operating thetan = a very theoretical state, a sort of perfect spirit.
human ape = GE + physical body

Dennis Stephens knew about the church's ignorance of the human ape and it's natural behaviour. He has mentioned the founder's difficultles talking about the subject of sex, essential stuff in the ape's programming. The only effective action of the church regarding the human ape is something they call Purification Rundown. They acknowledge that some human ape bodies are too contaminated with drugs to enable spiritual progress. Then for financial reasons this rundown is sold to all of their public, sometimes several times   ;D

In the TROM materials Dennis also mentions that the spirit and the human ape will part. But this fact is not a good reason to ignore this earthly creature, you might possibly enjoy the ape/spirit coexistence for a long time. Maybe even several times, I don't know what your plans are.

I have mentioned elsewhere that church ignorance of the human ape leads to faulty auditing actions and resulting case worsening.
A lousy example would be a story like this:

I sleep with my neighbor's cute young wife a few times before I get the idea that this is not so smart. Then I go to my local church to get some auditing on the matter. They will do their normal wrong action of ethics cycles and confessionals on the subject, ignoring the human ape aspect of it all. After a nice "success story" I would come home feeling great. Then a few weeks later the neighbor couple would be back from holidays and I would fu'ck that cute wife again the next morning. And I would actually have some extra bypassed charge on my case caused by my visit to that church and not by my sexual adventures.

What happened? Well, their technology is not complete at all. They don't understand that I am maybe 80% human ape and will in many cases follow the programming of that creature. And you might possibly have noticed that most guys would be interested in sleeping with a cute young girl, in many cases would be happy sleeping with several different cuties every week if possible. This is not because I had a bad upbringing or faulty education or evil purpose or any other spiritual or mental factors. It is because my body is human ape and this is what cool apes do   8)

So the overt is actually: "Following your animal instincts and not using your spiritual good judgement".

But I have never heard of any "spiritual people" being able to see such a concept, it's way too simple. You just have to be aware of that dormant animal stuff and control it according to your own judgement, not according to some church viewpoint.

Good point about "spiritual people". Doing body-work such as dryfasting and switching up to a mostly fruit diet is my first attempt this life to actually even think about studying about and being complementary with the ape, but I'm glad I did because there is less brain fog and my sessions go better.

I actually watched a lot of videos about bonobos and orangutans (still in their native environments, not driven out like the mountain gorilla).

This was a very very big deal - cleaning up my diet and cleansing until one day I made a firm decision to go beyond human condition. After that everything became more balanced, less obsessed with healing everything that I did wrong with this body.  However after some long dryfasts this ape sure wanted to swing from a grapevine  :-)

The authority on human apes who gave me the biochemical fundamentals (occam's razor rules here too) was Dr. Robert Morse, ND, de-tox specialist, and his many teaching videos.

General Discussion / Re: Just getting started. Have some thoughts...
« Last post by Colleen on September 29, 2017, 07:05:05 pm »
Hello, Jman, welcome to trom. I got onto this board rather late to see your messages. Where are you now with trom?  Would you like some help over skype or google chat?
Level one TROM / R.I. questions.
« Last post by Jman99 on September 14, 2017, 11:26:49 pm »
Ok, so I've read the level one section in the book....ummmm WHAT?? It doesn't explain hardly anything. So you have to create an "importance" but he doesn't explain what that means at all. Does it have to be something you visualize (a loved one, pet, etc)? Just a concept (vibrant health, happiness, etc)? Do you have to remember all these importances as you are placing them around you for five or ten minutes straight? What if you can't think of that many different ones? So, placing these things around your body in space is supposed to somehow create a physical/emotional change in you? And if it DOESN'T produce any change whatsoever, then doing level two would put you in some kind of danger, as you supposedly aren't mentally stable enough to handle it?

Any clarification is appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Just getting started. Have some thoughts...
« Last post by Jman99 on September 09, 2017, 11:46:37 pm »
Hey David! Thanks for the warm welcome. I read through the first part of the (first) book yesterday and today, and will start into the practical section tomorrow, which I'm excited to dig into. I've just lost about all hope that anything will help, but I'll keep trying. Have severe depression and anxiety disorder, and barely keep my head above water most days. Will let you know how it goes, especially if I have questions. Keep your fingers crossed =) Sounds like you've had some great results with this. I'm hopeful. Talk soon

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