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Level one TROM / Re: What Does Dennis Mean by the Concept "The Governor"?
« Last post by survivor on July 18, 2018, 07:46:14 pm »
HI Karalee,

RI works on many levels. As Dennis Stephens said, it can not be run too much, but it can definitely be run too little.

RI takes up about 1/3 of session time for me. If I feel the least bit fuzzy during session I run RI. It makes things run smoothly and even brings up and presents material to be run.

RI also can work as an exteriorisation process. It is the heart of the TROM system.

For anyone having any difficulty running TROM, sufficient RI could very will resolve the problem.

Donít take the flywheel analogy too literally. It only describes one of the many aspects of RI.

Oh, boy, yes!  And that's why we are here, taking out the trash. 

The mind can be a beautiful thing once the trash is taken out, especially in the "To Create" postulate sets, i.e., colors, line, form, shapes, textures - attachments and aversions.

Quotes from self help authors and other helpful information. / Re: About opposites
« Last post by Cory on July 17, 2018, 05:38:49 pm »
Well im not sure really. A compulsive games player imo just reacts to any situation given and is comforming to the laws of duality automatically. While the other type would have more control over his environment and having more control means you wont react to stimulus as much. Having control meansnyou can choose one side of duality over another. You want to be good your good, you want to be bad your bad. But a compulsive player just molds to a situation what is demanded of him. Hes bad or good but hes definitely not in control of his thoughts. And creative thoghts are what makes good things happen. While reacitive thoughts are usually individualistic and not situated towards the greater good. Theyr more selfish.
General Discussion / Re: What is meant by "contagion with opposing postulates"?
« Last post by Karalee on July 17, 2018, 02:30:45 pm »
Aaaahhhh torture and murder - well it was okay after I went exterior, lol   :)

Other technology about the mind / Re: Radical Honesty
« Last post by Karalee on July 17, 2018, 02:25:34 pm »
Some bosses can have a heart of gold and still be a micro-manager, but it sounds like manager's lack of trust is about some unresolved overts re not being trustworthyi, plus some prior motivators.  He's just key'ing in other's incidents re lack of trust, etc., sigh.
Level one TROM / Re: RI: Lemon Aid
« Last post by Karalee on July 17, 2018, 02:12:11 pm »
Yes, the 360 practice makes a difference and I don't know why, but it produces massive yawns once I put it 360.

The problem is often I get sooooo relaxed I want to take a nap instead of moving into timebreaking.

Thank you. The link did work.

Do you think there might be a difference between a compulsive games player and a voluntary games player re this dual universe? 

There are some techs that specialize in helping one merge their dualities.

Dennis talks about equanimity, serenity, and the joy of competency.

Level one TROM / Re: RI: Lemon Aid
« Last post by Cory on July 17, 2018, 10:54:53 am »
Cory writes:  Cool. When you say 360 degrees you mean like lemons around the head in a circle? Cool how you felt peaceful. How much time did you have to put into it to feel peace? Do you go through the tone scale?

One Trommer I talk with says to put it all around yourself, generally meaning the body and space around it.   I put up a lemon in front of me or some theme of a lemon or lemons and enlarge it and put it all around me 360.   I stick with what Dennis says about not worrying if one cannot see it very well.   I do feel a change of mass or energies when I put it around me 360 even though I do not totally see it and I'm a bit sloppy about making sure it is all around my body. I just sort of do a swirl around me as best I can.  Just postulate it all around me.

To feel the peacefulness of quiet mind took about 8 hours over two days.   Today when I woke up I started touching things until I felt I could do RI proper.   The peacefulness of mind is not yet stable. Doing RI the way I did puts "thinking" in a whole new perspective.   :-)

Thanks that was good. Sometimes it takes a lot just for a few minutes. Ri sort of reminds me of those nights i cant sleep when im imagining something ill be getting the next day or a project I want to do. It really wakes me up. I guess ri is different though putting it 360 around your body.
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