Author Topic: A neat (and funny) thing I did to improve my level five running  (Read 39 times)


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When I started doing level five I would infuse a chair with the counter-postulates.  Well, after a couple of weeks the thing broke (coincidence? Maybe.  Though I am considerably overweight).
Then I got a better idea.  I got a new chair to put across from me, but on it I put a stuffed doll of a soccer player.  I liked the fact that my opponent now looks human, at least.
After awhile of doing that, I decided, "Hey, if my opponent's postulate is to 'not be known' or to 'not-know' me, then why don't I turn him around facing away from me every time he's in a negative postulate leg?"
And I got more charge off this way!

Maybe try this yourself, or at least have a good laugh.  I am still sort of laughing to myself every time I think of my soccer player doll turning away from me every time he wants to hide from or ignore me.

Just one caveat-- if you try this, don't go granting the thing its own life, as Dennis does warn against the consequences of such when he talks about the Surprise Game and the Imaginary Childhood Playmate.

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id say , no.   No  coincidence.

Thanks for sharing .
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