Author Topic: IMPORTANT Timebreaking emotions/sensations on level four  (Read 100 times)


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IMPORTANT Timebreaking emotions/sensations on level four
« on: June 29, 2019, 10:55:40 pm »
Copied and pasted from "The Philosophy of TROM" from the chapter "A Tape of TROM's Level 5"

Hello Judith this is Dennis Stephens here and I'd like to thank you for the very welcome tape I received today which is the 10th of November 1994.
It's a very hot day here in the early summer in Brisbane today, although from the very welcome thumbnail sketch of your life you sent me and with your background in Zimbabwe, Rhodesia and in South Africa and also in the outback of the Kalahari Desert, have I got the word right Numidia? Yes, that Desert in southwest Africa. You would be no stranger to heat would you? No stranger to heat at all. So you'd probably be quite at home here in Brisbane on a day like today.
Yes I'm not surprised to hear Judith that there's very little charge on your case on levels 2 and 3 of TROM after all the excellent auditing you've had from Leonard.
Leonard's an old hand at this game, he's been at the game of auditing for many years.
I remember him way back. He was one of my students on course way back in the 1950's, we've known each other many years Leonard and he's a very, very fine auditor, and a very careful, very thoughtful technician is Leonard, so you've been in good hands and it's proven itself by the fact that you sailed through levels 2 and 3 of TROM.
The phenomenon you report at level 4 of TROM of getting some bodily feelings and bodily sensations and so forth which it's not easy to pinpoint the source of; is not at all uncommon. I had this phenomenon myself.
When you get to level 5 you will discover the source of them. They show up at level 4 but you often, at level 4, you don't find the source of them. If you do very carefully timebreak each and every one of these bodily sensations that turn up at level 4 you would find that you will be able to timebreak them back out of existence again. There's no need to walk around with these body feelings. You can timebreak them quite comfortably.
Timebreak a Body Sensation
You simply would experience the feeling in the body then become simultaneously aware of the feeling and aware of the rest of the universe around you in present time and you would find the feeling would then come up to a peak and then would slowly fade out. It would go through the same cycle as anything else that was being timebroken. So you could always get rid of these unknown and unwelcome feelings that show up at level 4 by timebreaking the sensation, timebreaking the feeling.

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