Author Topic: My experience in Level 4  (Read 60 times)


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My experience in Level 4
« on: March 21, 2019, 06:48:43 pm »
I have been at level 4 for a while, I have handled most of the burden of this lifetime. I even came across incidents that were only concepts, without words, without images. Only sensations and emotions. The sessions and emotions the most unpleasant, frightening and terrifying that can be felt, things that have haunted me in this life and could handle with any other therapy. Now everything is peaceful, from time to time something appears and I erase it without problems. I even stumbled upon something that I have called the wall, something that suddenly appeared, just when I began to feel powerful, a mechanism that defeated me just at the moment I began to understand and to do "magic", but this time I beat it with a little Level 4.

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Re: My experience in Level 4
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2019, 02:10:05 pm »
I am happy for you.  For me, I finally kicked out some mental mass that had been bothering me for awhile.  Oddly enough, the incidents I timebroke did not directly address the mental mass.  I think I was putting the mental mass there to keep from looking at the incidents I ran.
It's been exactly one month since I started level four.  I am not even the first time through on all eight commands.  I can only imagine what it's going to be like once I have gone through them several times.