Author Topic: Do Incidents Come Up While doing RI?  (Read 108 times)


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Re: Do Incidents Come Up While doing RI?
« on: June 24, 2021, 03:47:26 am »
Likewise seeing only blackness when starting to view an incident, my genius auditor taught me to do six directions with the blackened scene, and for a difficult incident, to do reach and withdraw.  That always worked. His e-meter and his abilities showed him I had the scene in front of me. Of course I ran nothing but overts and motivators - made some very nasty and persistent postulates upon entry into this universe.

For example, I audited a man whose mother gave him a drug every day that he could not remember his childhood.  Six directions and reach and withdraw and having a safe auditor he trusted brought back the unpleasant memories.

In my case, I need to focus on overt/motivators preferred by the must-be-known case, starting of course with this lifetime and a domineering must-be-known parent, and an exact opposer rejecting must-not-know parent. For example, did someone(s) this lifetime overwhelm one - or attempt to overwhelm - into the next step down described by Dennis? Depending on one's current postulated personality - take it from there .... someone(s) had to have driven one down as described in Level Five chart, and given that person a matching motivator to boot.

This lifetime is great for cutting one's teeth on Level Three. Myself, I have scenes from first entry into this universe up to present.

Wow, wait until you find out all the things you have been and done - better than any science fiction movie; you could write best-sellers. lol. Stories are entertaining for the surprise and aesthetics factors, and it is pure joy to get old postulates re-viewed and re-assessed all by myself without flinching.

About scenes discharging very quickly, did not Dennis say timebreaking could eventually occur at break-neck speed.  Just keep eyes open to see current environment so as not to get swamped by a scene. The scenes during RI that for me timebreak quickly seem to disappear for now.

Eventually, through constantcy, we will be pro timebreakers, vanishing all those old fixed postulates.