Author Topic: Do Incidents Come Up While doing RI?  (Read 108 times)


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Re: Do Incidents Come Up While doing RI?
« on: June 24, 2021, 10:29:39 am »
Sometimes my auditor had to get me to do six directions for a long time, but his e-meter and he both knew I was looking at something.  In the beginning we consulted with a radionics expert and he gave Robert an exact time and date of an incident.

Have any luck with this lifetime?
As with yourself, even my RI is nothing to look at except dimly, like a very nearsighted person, and certainly not in technicolor, but there is still a huge release of energy - hippo yawns until finally the mind goes quiet.

I once audited a skeptical reptilian asking, "Re your skepticism, what incident are you stuck in?" He had been implanted from the egg to fear and hate humans.  My auditor - before the radionics dating - would ask me "RE _________ what incident are you stuck in??"

What helped me was to really want to know why I was so messed up, and what incident(s) this lifetime keyed in my entry into this universe, so we had to work backwards, starting with this lifetime incidents.  It does not have to be a biggie, either.... to start. I recall in the very first sessions I walked around like a deer in the  headlights, saying "I hurt people...", feeling bad about the persistency of it. 

Finally flattening the universe entry incidents brought unusual calmness and merely an interest in that creator I saw from above, and its universe. It is definitely not the Prime Creator - or you or me as we really are without all the role playing games we made up.