Author Topic: Perceptive RI for One Hour?  (Read 241 times)

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Re: Perceptive RI for One Hour?
« on: January 02, 2018, 11:36:04 am »
Balance means those processes that are left or that were not mentioned.

What is the nature of physical reality? Good question. Hubbard calls it an agreed upon reality which would mean that you and someone else worked together to create it. Dennis states that the matter in this universe is mostly generated as the byproduct of games play therefor not created by anyone. However the objects in your hotel room were fashioned by someone into the shapes you see.
So the next question is are you perceiving what is “actually” there or is the room you see different from the room I would see if i was there so it is a subjective reality.
I haven’t found a test that could verify if apparent reality was the same as some “actual” reality.

I have no talent or inclination to be an auditor so no thanks i won’t monitor a session for pay.

The beauty of TROM is you are the Auditor and the skill you develop at doing it goes with you anywhere you are.

Does TROM work for you? Can you do RI for an hour creating some item that is interesting to you without any distractions being thrown at you by your reactive mind? 
If you can do RI with absolutely machine like perfect execution then you have achieved the condition of no change. If however you get bored with creating apples all around you and must switch to something else or fall into a coma then you still have room for improvement in doing TROM.

The goal with TROM processes is to increase you ability to focus your attention on what you are doing now from 5 minutes at a streach to 10 minutes at a streach without having something distract you.  It’s about your ability to persist on a given course despite difficulty.

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