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The best way to RI from my own experiences.
« on: October 03, 2019, 04:14:44 pm »
Lift and carry 25 lb weights in each hand and start walking while creating importance 360 around body at the same time.

The mind and body are two poles of the same item . The mind is the positive pole and the body is its negative pole. The mind has the shape of a torus.

A horned torus like this one  :

Positive energy flows out the top and into the bottom .

The upper and lower vortices of the horn torus spiral in opposite directions . The top flows clockwise and the lower counter clockwise. The whole thing is moving in every opposite direction at the same exact time.

When we stand up with our legs apart and arm arms up and apart , we take on the physical shape of the horn torus.

When we walk or run , our lower legs vortex and upper arm vortex also twist in opposite directions.

All four legs and arms all move in the opposite directions all at the same time , exactly like the horned torus. The arms in opposition with each arm and the legs in opposition with each leg and the arms and legs in opposition with each arm and leg. Its as opposite as opposite gets.

Star trails in the north and south also rotate in the opposite directions with POLARIS in the north and the southern CROSS in the south .

Our bodies head is equivalent to the north star at the top of the north pole  aka polaris .

Our head is centered at the top of our arms and  upper energy vortex .

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