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Notes on RI
« on: September 13, 2021, 01:39:12 pm »
As long as energy is coming off whatever you are doing is adequate for the job. Do it until the mind goes quiet, then pick up where you left off.

My mind is not that fussy and will take anything I give it. The key is I have to put it all around me 360 - that's when the hippo yawns begin.

My daily RI is to open up my file of photos and one by one duplicate them as best I can all around me, one by one.  Call me lazy, lol.  It works. Mind goes quiet and I get better (analytical) ideas about how to conduct my affairs.

When doing Level Two I have to RI like crazy at times, or else I will throw the whole thing in the trash and walk away from it for good.  I did that once.... not enough RI done, and there were some unexpected head spinners doing Level Two.

Level Two is for me the equivalent of fasting 40 days in the wilderness that the prophets and buddhas did before they attained to above human status. They both will give you a backbone.

I studied closely those who achieved high human or above human status and they all did some sort of RI.  For example, Lester Levenson (Sedona Method) did re-framing while resolving his past. John Galusha in Idenics wisely has the client create multiple mock-ups. Ramana did perceptual RI walking around and around his favorite mountain. Nisargadatta continued to blow smoke with his cigarettes as a havingness (not recommended). The Buddhists have a "lovingkindness" mock up practice.

We Pandorians must know how to both open and close the box.