Author Topic: Make sure to do this on level three  (Read 85 times)


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Make sure to do this on level three
« on: June 29, 2019, 10:52:36 pm »
If you are doing level three, and the only data you have on it is in the original TROM manual, please make sure you know the following datum!

In the original TROM writeup Dennis says:

"a) Select a past scene. Become simultaneously aware of the scene and PT around you.

Don’t try and Timebreak the entire scene at once. Take it a bit at a time. Continue to do this until the past scene ‘fades’ - i.e. begins to ‘fall away’ in intensity compared to present time.

b) Select a new past scene, and repeat a).

Continue until you are willing and able to Timebreak all your known past.
This exercise will take many hours, joyful hours, and you are gaining all the way. "

But if you read this (copied and pasted from the TROM therapy manual in the section "Verifying Level 3 Completion) Dennis clarifies what he means by "bits at a time"

You should get in there; get some of the emotions in them and timebreak the emotions out. Get some of the sensations in those incidents and timebreak the sensations. Timebreak the postulates. Get in there, get everything in that incident, you know, get the lot.
Remember I said in the write up, do it on a gradient scale, take it a bit at a time. Get the important bits out then get the rest of it out. 

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