Author Topic: I Witnessed the Perfect Level Three Trom Session  (Read 66 times)


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I Witnessed the Perfect Level Three Trom Session
« on: April 06, 2018, 06:57:01 pm »
Today my TROM twin ran the perfect level 3 session.

He started with the standard RI that works for him.
Next he pulled up a scene of the home he lived in when he was seven years old and took a tour.
While doing that he ran into a part of the scene where he felt some uncomfortable pressure attached to it.
He then did RI.
Since it was getting late and he had been looking at the scene for some time we ended the session.

He thoroughly enjoyed the timebreaking and wants to do more like that.

When he was looking at scenes of his mother yelling at him he did not enjoy his level three sessions. Maybe it is out-gradient for him and he is not ready for that yet, and maybe once he does get around to looking at his mother, it will all fall apart like a lamb by then.   Maybe?  I do notice that he has gone from lower emotional tones into more or less boredom re his mother, who lives with him.

What do you think?