Author Topic: March 29 '18 Session Win with Level Two  (Read 234 times)


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Re: March 29 '18 Session Win with Level Two
« on: April 24, 2018, 10:09:03 am »
Hello rvh,

It is great you have done Level Two, and might need merely a re-tread before starting into Level Three.

Truthfully, I should be on Level 4 by now, if I had not allowed myself to be distracted with "more important" interests, of which I have many at any one time... my creative urges are strong. It's as Dennis said, the desire to play is greater than the desire to vanish the mind.

The best thing I ever did, besides finding Dennis' data, was to get into a good working relationship with a long time friend who also became a Trommer shortly after I introduced it to him.

We work over skype almost every a.m. and he has been a big help to me.  We are on Level Three, running only mostly pleasure scenes after running RI until no more change - which can sometimes take up almost the whole session time.  Why we did not do this sooner - we both marvel at that. I think in the beginning we made the trom practices seem difficult and hard to duplicate.  Do you recall where Dennis said the first time he tried out Level Two it knocked him for a loop?  I think the exact words he used was that it nearly took his head off, or something like that. The same with my own case.

I studied most of Ron's materials and have had hundreds of hours of auditing outside the church - some of it actually useful, lol!

I am currently dedicated to testing out trom practices and theory, and am not doing any other practices.
Last year I did have an auditor run the "To Handle" process on me re my caretakers as a youth, with fantastic results re learned covert game strategies. I've also had some of John Galusha's tech run on me with fantastic results re stuck identity-forming postulates. That did calm my mind and helped stop me from crying about my case.

Currently we timebreak mostly pleasure scenes or scenes that are not heavy with trauma, and we feel this is a good gradient for us.  We kept asking ourselves how Dennis could have thought timebreaking was fun, and now we have an answer.  He also said not to be a martyr, and he was obviously a big believer in correct gradients. One has to find their own "sweet spot" or comfortable gradient from Level Three into Level Four.

Take as long as you need to take and make it fun, as you keep pushing the envelope on a good gradient for yourself. Just the fact that you put attention on your case and onto the inner workings of your mind and the minds of others, and learning about complementary postulates as opposed to contentiousness - you may get distracted but you will keep coming back until the job is done.

My twin and I are loving doing our practices more than ever before.  We look forward to our timebreaking sessions.
Currently we are timebreaking rather innocuous scenes from our childhood homes - taking a tour - and change is occurring, and we are having fun developing our timebreaking abilities.  This is real beginner level of Level Three.

My latest major case change is letting go of a need to know it all intellectually, and life became simpler, more humble, and I left the remaining Facebook groups where I was sharing my extensive knowledgebase and experience with others, answering questions. I did a hat write-up and de-activated Facebook, and I unsubscribed from a dozen Youtube channels.  I am no longer that person/postulate set  :)