Author Topic: March 29 '18 Session Win with Level Two  (Read 234 times)


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Re: March 29 '18 Session Win with Level Two
« on: July 15, 2018, 12:41:37 pm »
This idea of getting “done” with TROM is odd to me. I view TROM is First Aid skills which i use as life throws emotionally charged stuff at me. I use timebreaking or RI as needed to let go of the charged games that regularly come up in life while trying to get along with others at work, or with the wife or children or with authority figures etc.
I do not see any need to get done with TROM on a need to get skillful at applying the techniques to myself and to others.

Pete McLaughlin

Yes, Pete, fantastic first aid tools for our little toolboxes.  I'd certainly would throw in the Six-Directions and the Repeater Tech when they indicate.

What do you think about Dennis saying Level Five will vanish our minds - or more correctly, our fixation for or against minds?

Dennis' promise was that we would be able to be eternally a Voluntary Games Player, knowing all there is to know about games, with the option of going into a No Games Condition until we decide otherwise.