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Re: Self imposed standard(s)
« on: July 26, 2021, 02:46:56 am »
when I do RI I also do not see my creations as a continues presence. The only thing I see is either a quick glimpse after which it is hidden from me, other times I see a very very ghostly creation but not completely only parts I focus on. For me it is the same with past objects, it is like I am invalidating myself because of not seeing the past object/scene with my eyes, also very short or ghostly impressions.

I have same perceptions, very quick glipmse visio. I think I am black case.

Q: Is it true that once you are on level 3 you will actually be able to see (and even be able to hear) past scenes?

In my case - answer is NO :)

Do you have an e-meter?
Dennis  has created a test with e-meter to check lvl 3 completeion.

upd: But I'm not sure on what level I am now. Lvl2 doesnt work now, Lvl3 too, but I cant pass the e-meter test, so I think I made some mistakes.
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