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Re: Self imposed standard(s)
« on: September 02, 2021, 11:55:48 am »
Good you have a good grasp on duality.  Dennis' former work, the Tao Te Ching taught me all that, followed by hundreds of hours of "looking"  :)

I could see images from day one using trom,  but I also did allot of Dianetics and Scientology in the 80's as a head start .

I use Positive AND Negative attributes in my environment for my objectives

Subjects describe the Objects we see  hear  smell taste  etc etc in our mind. They are inseparable and you wont find one without its other half . They are two poles of same item and two sides of same coin .

Anything considered important also grants importance to its absence.

In other words if you consider money important, you MUST also consider its absence just as important

If you consider your children important , their absence is also important but in an opposite way .

Important job ?  better not lose it because its too important to lose.

Importance IS matter . It matters It literally matters and its the same  " matter" as any kind of matter . Matter has mass and density but its the importance that puts it there.

when we love someone we want them close to us and feel bad when they are far away
when we hate someone we want them far from us and feel good when they are gone
when someone we love feels good , we do to
when someone we love feels bad , we do to
when someone we hate feels bad we feel good
when someone we hate feels good we feel bad

This is what the torus is all about . Not so much the subjects but the unity and duality of subjects

We can apply the way of the torus to any object and any subject . EVERYTHING in life,  and its not being used correctly by anyone I know of other than myself

feelings are emotional and are not arbitrary. Its determined by the symmetry of the torus