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Re: Some questions about TIME
« on: August 21, 2021, 06:16:44 am »
TROM manual quotes:

"A being can view ‘now’ from any viewpoint. A being can view ‘then’ from any viewpoint. Thus, every moment in time is a complete universe which is viewable to the being. (Viewpoint here is used in the sense of a ‘position from which to view’, and not in the sense of holding a mental opinion.) Thus, a being is natively capable of viewing every particle that has ever been brought into existence in this, or any other universe, from any viewpoint he so desire. He is also natively capable of taking any of these particle back out of existence again if he so desires. Whether or not he can get agreement from others on this latter step is merely a matter of how convincing he is to others, and is not a pre-requisite to the accomplishment of the feat. That others may choose to keep these particles in existence, still is, in the final instance, entirely their concern. Thus, you can walk out of the trap without the need to take everyone else with you. Believing differently is not to grant others the right to their own convictions - a trap all of its own.
Any changes you bring about, whether changes in ‘then’ or changes in ‘now’ you bring about now. So any changes you make to ‘then’, later than when the event occurred, will not ipso-facto produce changes in ‘now’. Thus, what is called the time paradox is exposed for the lie that it is."

"If this concept seems difficult to grasp, it is only because on has become used to the idea of moving through time. This is an illusion brought about be entrapment in mass which is enduring through time. Only the particles, the effects, are created, made to endure, and are finally destroyed. The spiritual being, the creator of all these postulates, is utterly timeless. Once one fully grasps this, it is easy to see that changing the past does not ipso-facto produce a change in the present."

Level 3 says this (from the TROM manual), quotes:


a) "Select a past scene. Become simultaneously aware of the scene and present time around you. Don't try and Timebreak all of the scene at once. Take it a bit at a time. Continue to do this until the past scene 'fades' - i.e. begins to 'fall away' in intensity compared to present time."

b) "Select a new past scene, and repeat a)"

Although the past will progressively vanish during this Level, nothing is being lost except the enforcement to view it; any part of your past that has been Timebroken can easily be brought back into existence once more merely by desiring to view it.
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